Clash de Cartier

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  1. Wanted to start a new thread, so everyone can get talking on Cartier's newest collection - Clash de Cartier.

    Kaya Scodelario is the it girl of this new campaign. They've released a teaser trailer, where Kaya plays two different personalities to show the duality of the collection.

    Instagram tells me they've shown a media preview already during Paris Fashion Week, but the official launch will be next Wednesday, 10 April 2019 in Paris first, then worldwide afterwards. If you look up the hashtag #CartierRendezvous on Instagram, you'll see some sneak peeks.

    Thoughts guys? Do we like the new collection?

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  2. On first impression it looks a little generic, but I’m sure that will change when more details/info comes out
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  3. Agreed. First impression: I’m underwhelmed
  4. My first impression: just from one mod photo, new collection look a bit like Van Cleef’s Perlee bangles and ring...
    Some examples:

    D0580DA7-4B4A-4C80-9BA8-F551143A958B.png 945AF61E-A336-481A-9531-A7E1684EA8E3.png
  5. I need to see more styles/versions with diamonds, but from what I'm seeing now--underwhelmed.
  6. I prefer the VCA version! Not really feeling this colllection. Perhaps in person it’s nicer.
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  7. I’ve been seeing the teasers on Instagram and I don’t like it
  8. This is a collection you have to feel and see in person. The movement on the pieces is very cool! The look very flat in pics. Also, it is a new color of yellow gold for Cartier, lighter and not so warm. I have VCA Perlee pieces and it is not at all similar.
    I am looking forward to seeing more. :smile:
  9. Kind of reminds me of a spiked dog collar fused with Paloma Picasso's kisses ring.... Can't say I'm a fan at this stage.
  10. I think they look very cool hahaha im different to everyone else. Id have to try one on to tell if theyd suit me ;)
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  11. It bears a strong resemblance to some pieces Hermes did with pyramid studs — which is not to say I don’t like it. I’m curious about what’s coming (and I’m waiting for them to release ecrou earrings).
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  12. The ring comes in two sized - the one in the pic does look like the smaller ring and agree it looks more like the perlee - the one in the Cartier ad is the large size and the design is more prominent. I’m not sure if this is a new yellow gold however I was told it’s actually rose gold. I really like this design - the ring is intricate with moving parts and edgy. I can’t wait for the launch in a few days!!
  13. IMG_5503.JPG

    I think this picture is more accurate of the larger sized ring. I personally really like it.
  14. Hmmmmmmmmmm
  15. Yes, that’s my second impression:
    Hermes Medor collection.
    The ring is similar~

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