Clarisse/Clarissa PM

  1. Hey Everybody,

    After seeing Perja's wonderful & new Clarisse PM, I was wondering if it could fit credit cards and folded up bills?! Also, I was wondering if anyone had a picture on the inside!?!

    You Guys & Gals are the Best!

  2. Just like to say,

    Thanks for all your help! Wonderful pics everyone

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  3. LOL! It's more of a credit card case. No pics, sorry, it was a gift for someone. You'll have to ask them for pics.:p
  4. i have one and i mostly stuff it with receipts, cards etc! it can def. fit credit cards and bills.........
  5. the pics are frightfully small - so sorry. i'll try to take more later.

    holds way more than credit cards, so credit cards and cash would be no problem.
    right now in mine i have:
    1 chapstick
    1 NARS lipstick:love:
    1 deluxe beauty (that's the brand) gloss, which i have to remove because i don't like it as much on me. lol
    1 more deluxe beauty gloss that i didn't know i had in there. oops.
    1 tin of altoids
    1 astronaut/purse pen
    1 thin barrette
    5 of those really thin hair elastics (been looking for those everywhere)
    1 fantastically thin mirror
    1 bigger hair pony holder
    2 bobby pins
    a few gum wrappers:shame:
    receipts and a laminated fortune from a cookie

    with that stuff in there, the clarissa zips shut with no problem
    plus in the outside pockets i have about a dozen small scraps of paper.
    clarissa.jpg clarissa2.jpg clarissa3.jpg
  6. oh also, the pics are old so do not reflect current contents that i listed.

    and thanks for the motivation to clean it out (wrappers are now gone).
  7. For realz,
  8. WOW!! HiHeels, I had no idea it could fit that much stuff! Thanks thereallouis for starting this thread bc I, too was interested in Perja's clarissa PM. Does anyone know how much this baby retails for? TIA!!!!
  9. Wow didn't know it can fit so much too!!

    Perja said it was 353 euros.
  10. dang HH..I need a magnifying glass to look at those pictures...
  11. Thanks!! Will have to inquire about this to my what color??? LOL!!!
  12. 390 US dollars for the PM.. Haha. I called today!
  13. okay, okay, i'll try for better pics. lol
    hang on.
  14. :whistle::popcorn:
  15. omgd, fesdu you stinker. i was on the phone with my mom, she was talking and i was snapping pics and uploading them for this thread. :ninja:
    finally got off the phone so i could use both hands. i'm so bad.

    how are these?
    closed, open, and one of the true color with the flash on. this has all the stuff i listed before, minus the 2 extra glosses i discovered - but it closed just the exact same with them in before (as i said, i didn't realize they were in there).
    closed clarissa.jpg opened clarissa.jpg true color clarissa.jpg