Clarisonic Users!

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  1. Do you all use a facial scrub once/twice a week or have you cut it out of your routine since you use a clarisonic daily?
  2. I use my clarisonic once a day (morning) and I exfoliate twice a week, I dont exfoliate after using the clarisonic though. So ill exfoliate in the evening that day..
  3. It actually irritated my skin to the point where i stopped using mine, and i do not normally have sensitive skin.
  4. ^which brush are you using? My skin is NOT sensitive and I find the regular brush can be too rough for everyday use.

    When I use my clarisonic regularly, I use scrub soooooo much less, since the scrub I use is now $20 a tube and it's the only one I like (been using it since it was $10 damn department store counters constantly raising prices) so this will totally save me that expense over time!
  5. I use Dr. Brandt's microdermabrasion every 3-4 days, but use my Clarasonic every 2-3 days.
  6. My Clarisonic exfoliates enough for me; I don't use a facial scrub anymore. I prefer the normal brush head to the sensitive one.
  7. i actually use my scrub with my that bad? i'll wash my face by hand, rinse, put the scrub on and turn on the brush and rinse it off.
  8. ^^ Does your skin get red from doing this? Just remember your skin is very delicate and you dont want to damage it
  9. I use my brush every night and use a scrub 2x a week along with masks 3x a week. I also get microdermabrasion done once in a while.
  10. I use the delicate face brush every night and I exfoliate maybe once every month, if that.
  11. I think somewhere in the packaging said not to use scrubs with the clarisonic.
  12. Thanks ladies! I think I'll keep a scrub to use on occasion.
  13. Make sure you're not using any scrubs that have "beads" in them on the brush, the instructions say you can't use bead facial cleaners. I think they might get caught in the mechanism or something.
  14. oh, i didn't even know you're not supposed to use it with scrubs! :sweatdrop::shame:
    i don't use a bead scrub but i use the mario badescu almond & honey one so it has a grainy texture...

    my skin doesn't seem irritated from doing it

    i guess i should probably start using it the right way though!
  15. I use the normal face brush, both morning and night, and I've stopped needing to exfoliate.

    Be careful about using a scrub with the clarisonic! This could damage your skin because the clarisonic is already exfoliating...don't want you gals hurting your faces now hehe!