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  1. i've seen this on sephora for awhile but never really paid much attention until today (i was really bored in class) and after reading all the reviews on it i'm pretty much sold.......this little tool seems to be quite the miracle worker and everybody who reviewed seemed to absolutely love it but i was wondering if any you ladies had tried this before, and if so, what you thought.......


    i'm sure i'll love it but it's a bit pricey at $195 (plus i'll have to replace the brush head 4 times a year which is another $100 a year).....i know this is a small price to pay for great skin but i spend so much on skincare already and i totally trust the opinions of members on this forum :P so please let me know what u think
  2. oh and also, has anybody tried one of these blackhead-sucking/pore cleaning devices?.......i've seen these around for years but they kinda scare me

  3. Ouch, that blackhead clearing device seems like it will suck all your facial skin off like in a cartoon.
  4. I've seen this brush at Nordstrom. After reading some reviews, I have put it on my wishlist.... Birthday is not too far away! :biggrin:
  5. my birthday's coming soon too mother's buying it for me this weekend (not for my birthday....she's skincare obsessed) so i'll be sure to let u know how it is :P
  6. Oh yest let us know, how you heard about that Zit zapper, the "Xeno" I think it's called, it's in Sephora as well, sigh, I love Sephora!
  7. in one of the reviewsi read apparently one of the ladies had the zit zapper as well as this brush device, and she said that after using the clarisonic she found herself having no use for the zit zapper so hopefully it's as great as everyone says :worried:
  8. i just wanted to let you ladies know that i bought this a few days ago, and although i initially balked at the $200 price my skin has never been so smooth...seriously this thing is pores are squeaky clean, i've stopped breaking out (which i tend to do from lack of sleep/stress caused by school....i don't have bad acne but still...minor zits are annoying), and when i touch my face while applying lotion and stuff it's so incredibly smooth.......i LOVE this thing :love:
  9. jc,
    I was just wondering if you had sensitive skin as well, because I really want to try this but I am afraid it will cause be to break out!
  10. i have extremely sensitive skin, sadly..........i have to be really careful with makeup because i tend to have allergic reactions to most powders/foundations and break out in littles hives or zits......with my forehead and chin it's just a little acne on and off (depending on sleep/stress/makeup), but i have really sensitive cheeks (that's where the hives usually show up) that're usually pretty red/dry/ have is just extremely confused and so i use the brush more on my forehead/nose/chin area and then for my cheeks i cut the time in makes my cheeks feel great, but if i use it for too long it hurts a little (since the skin there is really sensitive for me) and i got lotsa compliments on my skin at church today so something must be different :shame:
  11. Thanks Jc :love: one more thing to add to my birthday wishlist :nuts:
  12. great review, thanks! Maybe I'll ask for one for Mother's Day!
  13. JC, Thanks for the review! I have been so curious about this too, but my skin is so sensitive to anything abrasive! Now I'm really going to get one! Too bad most of my spending money is sucked up by purses! :nuts:
  14. swanky it would make a great mother's day gift......and balenciagalove it is a tiny bit abrasive on the extra-sensitive areas, but just using lighter pressure and putting the device on the lower setting (which i keep it on anyway) should do the trick.....

    i don't think i could have worked up the nerve to spend the $200+ on it either (tax and junk :Push:smile: but my mother actually bought it (with lots and lotsa pushing for me) and we share it, since it comes with two brush heads (oh i forgot to mention brush head is for normal skin one for sensitive....i use the sensitive obviously :P)

    and i just realized my review above is kinda yucky.....talking about my skin and stuff :sad:
  15. Oh interesting, I think I might have to invest in one !!
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