Clarisonic skin brush owners~ what cleanser do you use with it?

  1. After reading the really great reviews on here & on MUA, I decided to order the Clarisonic skin brush & I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival:smile: However, I know most do NOT use the cleanser provided with it as it was mentioned it's a bit harsh. I bought some Cetaphil to use with it but would prefer to use a gentle glycolic acid cleanser. I'm 33 with concerns of fine lines & tend to get a random pimple here & there. I was thinking of getting MD Forte's I glycolic cleanser (the mildest of the line) to use with it but was afraid it still might be too harsh too. I've used Proactiv glycolic revitalizing toner for years so my skin is used to some glycolic. Oh, & I will be using the "sensitive" head on the brush & not the regular one. Any other recommendations would be great! Thx!
  2. I received my Clarisonic a few weeks ago and am loving it!

    I don't mind the Clarisonic cleanser every once in a while when I feel I need a strong cleanser but I usually use just Cetaphil with it twice a day.

    Maybe wait and see the results without going to a glycolic cleanser you might not need it.
    Hope you get great results!
  3. i'd wait on the glycolic cleanser as well.....

    i'm not a big fan of using my cetaphil with my clarisonic because i feel like it doesn't provide enough cushioning between the brush and my skin (i use the sensitive head as well) and so i use my dior cleansing milk, which is very soothing anda bit thicker-it leaves my skin feeling softer and not too irritated :yes:
  4. I'm looking to pair my Clarisonic with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser.
  5. I couldn't stand the smell of the cleanser that came with it (I'm really sensitive to facial product smells). I use my Clarisonic with my Le Mer lotion cleanser or foaming cleanser.
  6. I use my clarisonic with La Mer foaming cleanser