Clarisonic Pedi Sonic - anyone have it?

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  1. I have been a dedicated Clarisonic user since 2011 and I absolutely love it! I have been feeling the pull towards a Pedi Sonic recently and I wanted to hear some real input on it. Does anyone have it? How long does it take to notice progress? How were your feet before using it?

    I don't know whether it's genetics or years of wearing flip flops (which stopped a couple years ago) but I have just not been able to get my feet nice and soft! Even after I get a pedicure my feet are never perfectly baby soft. I am a huge sucker for Clarisonic and so I am thinking of getting one. Too bad I didn't think about it during the Ulta/Sephora sales recently!

    I appreciate any input anyone might have!
  2. I am industry where I often work 8 hour shifts standing all day long, and so the bottoms of my feet can sometimes be rough even with frequent pedicures. I'd love to hear if anyone actually uses this and loves it as well, because I am considering it. :smile:
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  4. Ooh, cool! I think I'll try this rather than jump all in for $200.
  5. oh cool, you will love this thing. you have to replace the rollers on it. it come with 1 blue one. you can buy this 2 pack from target as well. my feet were pretty bad and i got a couple months use b4 i had to change the roller out. ofcourse it depends on how much u use it.:P

    i hope you like it :biggrin:
  6. I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to the pedi sonic so I will definitely check this one out.
  7. cool, i use mine all the time. my hubby kept stealing mine so i bought another one. he has really rough feet for a man and it worked on him. he's addicted to it now which is kinda funny. if this thing doesn't make your feet soft then i don't know what will.:lol:
  8. Thanks!!! Keeping skin soft here in New Mexico is a full time job!
  9. tell me about it. i gave up on cute sandals before i found this thing.;)
  10. I like my Clarisonic pedi. I run long distance and my feet get beat up a lot so I do a home mini pedi nearly every day. I also use the Diamancel files before the Clarisonic pedi. It keeps a good charge before recharging, about half hour's worth.
  11. I'm going to consider the emjoi... think it might be available also from QVC
  12. you should hotshot. it really does work. my local Costco just started selling them too. let me know what you think if you end up getting one. summer is here so you better hurry on getting those feet ready!!;)
  13. The emoji is bomb azz fabulous.
  14. oh nooch so you got it then?? :supacool: I just used mine again last night! it is the bomb girl ! :amazed:
  15. I love it! I even bought the elbow rollers on amazon to smooth out the heinousness I have going on.