Clarisonic Opal

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  1. I have test drove my opal for a week now and have to say it is one of the best eye products I have purchased in a while.

    The device comes in two parts- the top is the serum application and the bottom is the sonic applicator for your face. The serum squeezes out of the top by the push of a button onto the buttom gel holder. You then use the bottom applicator to apply the serum to your face.

    After one application I noticed an immediate difference in my undereye circles and puffiness. It has tightened the area to the point where there is no puffiness and reduced the dark circles. I am only 33 so I don't have many wrinkles, but this has made the lines under my eyelids much lighter and faded.

    The serum is refreshing and feels like a very hydrating lightweight gel. I didn't notice much scent. It sinks right in and dries really quickly.

    Applying, it doesn't really rub, pat or vibrate very hard. It feels like a very very slight tap/pressure as you glide it across your eye area. Hard to describe but it really doens't vibrate like I expected it to.

    The unit is small and fits in the palm of your hand.

    The machine doesn't say you can't follow with your eye creams so I have been applying my normal eye cream (either YBF Correct or Amore's Time Response) after and it definitely absorbs better.

    Charging it is very easy as you just lay the device on the flat disc charger and plug it in.

    I don't think this would work if you have really deep wrinkles. It fades them, but doesn't remove them. For puffiness or fine lines, this works excellent.
  2. Thanks for the review!
  3. Ooh if it minimizes undereye circles/puffiness, I'm sooo there!
  4. I just ordered one. I hope it works for me!
  5. bump! I just ordered it from Sephora's F&F to try it out, will it work w/other eye cream/serum?
  6. I ordered one too from Sephora, but my friend told me to return it and get the MD version. Supposedly it's the same device only more pulses per second. Has anyone else used the Opal? She didn't seem too impressed with it since you have to use Clarisonic eye gel.
  7. I heard it works good for people that don't really have that many deep lines but rather more so with fine lines. Like the age group 30-40 when you start to see signs of aging at least that's what I gathered after reading the reviews on Sephora.
  8. Classic Chic - did you receive / try out your Opal yet?
  9. sorry for the late update, i've been on and off about it so the result is not that great :P I'm 26, Asian (Taiwanese) w/dark eye circles, it does help to leesen the dark cicle a bit. But since i'm new to the cosmetic and skincare world, can't really tell if other device can achieve same results :shame: