Clarisonic measurements?

I've searched here and Googled, but don't find any info on the actual physical dimensions of the charger cradle for the Classic (the US 120v charger cradle, not the International version).

I'm planning on getting one once I find a really good price. I'm sure the Mia would work fine, but am considering the classic because of the larger battery and longer warranty. The only pitfall would be if it didn't fit in my bathroom cabinet. I now have my dream bathroom with an outlet in the cabinet so there are no ugly electric cords cluttering up my bathroom (pet peeve of mine). My big old Sonicare toothbrush cradle fits in just fine, but I can't tell if the Classic Clarisonic would or not since the dimensions aren't listed anyplace I can find.

Aug 20, 2006
the clarisonic keeps a charge a decent amount of time... i keep the chrager inthe closet and then charge it over night when i need to. otherwise the clarisonic is in the shower!
Is yours a Classic? How big is the charger?

I don't have a closet in my bath (it's the world's smallest bathroom) so the charger would have to fit in the wall cabinet. I know I'd never use it if I had to keep chasing down a charger in my bedroom, so will opt for a Mia if a Classic charger is too big.
Dec 4, 2006
I'm like you and hate plugs and clutter which is why I went with the Mia. It holds a charge for a long time and the little cord just wraps up and tucks away in a drawer until I need it overnight again.