ClariSonic Aria for Dry Skin?


Nov 11, 2012
Hello TPF
I went to my dermatologist and I asked her about the Clarisonic Aria and she doesn't recommend it. She stated that it causes irritation to the skin and one lady a department store stated that they can cause premature aging. Does this item make your skin worse? I have dry and sensitive skin with acne and hyper-pigmentation? Do you have to use the cleaners that are sold be Clari sonic or can you use some other brand?

thank you


Dec 27, 2009
I've actually never heard anyone speak negatively about this product - wow! I have used a Clarisonic for years now, and I too have extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin. Just to give you an idea of how sensitive my skin is, if we travel to another state or country, my skin will begin to break out just due to the difference in water. :rain:

Clarisonic offers various brush heads for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, etc. Honesty, I'd recommend giving one a try. This has done nothing but help my skin, and it's integral as a part of my daily regime. Buy one from a retailer like Nordstrom so that you can return it should it not work out for you. :flowers:
Apr 15, 2007
Or buy it from QVC they have a 30 day money back guarantee

I would just use the device with the sensitive head on the inside of my arm
first to see just how sensitive your skin is & to see if there is a reaction of any kind
before you use it on your face

If you have rosecea ,be careful