Clarins Skincare

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  1. Does anyone have experience with the Clarins skincare lines? I've tried their (really expensive) night-time restorative moisturizer, but how are the cleansers? The toners?

    If there are other brands you've used with success, please list them! :yes:
  2. I am relatively new to Clarins too, but I bought the extra comfort toning lotion (toner) and it is great! It does not dry my skin. It has great reviews on as well. I just bought the beauty flash balm based on the reviews.
  3. I'm a fan of clarins. The ultra foaming cleanser works wonders. The toning lotion is fabulous. The other stuff like blemish control is fantastic too.
  4. FaB! I guess I'll go ahead and make the switch from Shiseido, then.

  5. i bought that (toner) 2 weeks ago! its really nice and moisturizing --- plus it cleared my clogged pores :yahoo: