Clarins? Shiseido? help please!!

  1. I have to admit that I only started taking care of my face a year ago.. somehow i figured my mom being close to 50 and having great skin still with little care meant that i'd somehow be so lucky...

    A little about myself.. i'm 26.. asian and have normal to dry skin.

    Ive been using L'Occitane cleanser..toner..and their almonde moisturizer and using 3lab eye cream (since the girl at Barneys said it did wonders). before that i was using lancome eye cream. I still see the fine lines under my eyes and its driving me insane (im more just worried that it'll get even worse in a year or two)..

    I will keep the cleanser and toner but I really would like a better moisturizer (something that helps with these mini red lines i have on my lower cheek). Oh i also use lancomes moisturizer with spf 15 for day time.

    I also want a good eye cream that will help make those fine lines fade a little.

    I'm torn between Clarins and Shiseido because i have two gf's that swear by each brand. Anyone tried both or have good results with these brands? or maybe even bad results? suggestions on something else entirly?

    Thank you so much... i wish i would have started sooner... ack...:sad:
  2. I would try to get samples from both and try them and that way you will

    know for yourself..

    Shiseido has some very good moisturizers.. you should try something for night that will be repairing and help with your fine lines which if not taken care of will start to be deeper. Their eye cream is good as well
  3. I've been using the Shiseido white lucent line for almost a year now. I've tried the pureness and skincare line and they worked well for me but the SA recommended the white lucent line. You should go to a counter and ask for a sample. What I love most about Shieseido is the complimentary facials.
  4. I didn't think to ask for samples..thanks. cept do you guys thing that after using sample i'd be able to tell the difference?
  5. Both have very good products for specific needs. Clarins is especially good about providing nice samples. I'd have a consult and go from there. It's never too late to start.
  6. i love shiseido and vichy skin care products.

    if you have deep fine lines, eye cream and moisturizers may soften them, but they will never totally diminish.
  7. Try Clarins HydraQuench line or Multi-Active Line. (If you're going to try Multi-Active, wait til Aug as it has been reformulated & will be in stores end of July/early August!) If you're worried about lines around your eyes, use either their Extra Firming Eye Serum or Super Restorative Eye Serum. The Super Restorative line really targets women 50+, but I would recommend the eye serum for ANYONE! I'm 32 and use it every night. It is makeup compatible, but I don't personally like an eye serum for daytime.
  8. ^^ I got a sample of Clarins' hydraquench line from sephora and I REALLY like how it leaves my skin feeling - clean but not too tight. My only drawback about the cleanser is that the scent is terrible - honestly it smells like something my grandmother would have used (no disrespect to my glamorous grandma). It just smells very dated, IMO.

    Oh and illi, I'm with you on the serums being night only...I can't get them to work with daytime makeup!

    CONGRATS on your DS due next month!!

  9. Thanks, PG! We're getting really excited!

    I agree with you on some of the cleansers - I like the green cleansing milk, the foaming cleansers, and the orange exfoliator. I bet you tried the white cleansing milk - I don't like the smell of that one either!
  10. I tried both before and I really really like Clarins... however i used the Clarins whitening line and it has amazing results... Shiseido is great in the spf moisturizer and hydrating, so if you are looking for something hydrating and for red lines between those 2 products i would suggest Shiseido.
    i used a lot of different brands before, from Japan to european brands and my favorite is sk II and la mer! :balloon: