Clarins moisturizer - reviews needed!

  1. I've been using Proactive products along with their moisturizer for a while now, and was feeling adventurous and wanted to switch... Has anyone tried Clarins moisturizer? I want one that works for daytime as well as night, as winter is fast approaching and the air here is extremely dry! Thanks! :smile:
  2. Anyone? :smile: I'm sure someone must be using Clarins...
  3. i tried multi-active jour (day cream) and gel nuit normalisant(night cream). not impressed with the result.

    i've switched to lancome now:tup:
  4. Clarins is not a product with quick results. their products are really soft imo. my mom was using Clarins for years, and yes her skin is supple and all, but it is achieved thru years of continuous use.