Clarification re: East/West and Next Chanel Purse suggestion!

  1. I think I waited too long. :shame: I was head over heels with the east-west / single strap-single classic flap bag for a while now but my other purchases got in the way. :upsidedown:

    Is it true that the single flap bag is completely sold out? Or will new shipments be coming in? Anyone know? :girlsigh:

    If the single flap is out, is the medium classic flap the next size up? I definitely want to get it in caviar just so I won't go crazy about every little scratch (because I know I will).

    What color would you recommend? I live in jeans (off work) and lotsa black, dark solid color suits, twin-sets+dress pants (for work). I seriously am grateful for the Reference Library that was put up - it saved me a couple of trips to the boutique!

    My heart is set on getting a white/silver combo because it's so beautiful, but Black/silver is always safe and I can wear it to work (do you do that with your classic flaps or reissues?) I seriously have not seen a soul wearing a flap bag or a reissue for work.

    Or should I get something totally different? I'm open for suggestions!

    Yeah - i know I have a ton and one questions, but thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. hi there

    I havent seen anyone do that either! But I do..hehe I have a black classic patent( (large) that I use for work
    I m kinda impractical I guess ,, I use a lot of my Chanels for work..
    some say its too small to put stuff..but I have another tote for docs/ etc stuff

    so up to u..does not matter as long as you like it!
    have fun choosing!
  3. Hi! :flowers: I really don't think you're being impractical. I wish more people are into bags as much as they are into shoes. ;) I was eyeing over the cerf tote for work for a while but for the price, I'll probably not get much use out of it (even though I really need a brief bag!). I need a small bag to carry my things on top a documents/brief bag!:shame:
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