Clarification: Paypal Buyer Protection vs. Buyer Complaint Process

  1. Hi all,
    So I'm considering buying an AWESOME Jimmy Choo from an ebayer, but am really worried about getting a fake.
    I read up on Paypal and there seem to be 2 protections for buyers:
    1. PayPal Buyer Protection - but it seems like this has to be specifically listed in the auction?
    2. Buyer Complaint Process - ineligible if I didn't receive the item

    But what can I do if I used PayPal and got a fake item? Does it still fall within the Buyer Complaint process? I just want to make sure I get my $ back if I inadvertently get a fake!
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  3. Make sure you use a credit card then you can do a chargeback if you need to.
  4. Paypal Buyer Protection is only available if the seller offers it in their listing. I wish it was a given, but it's sometimes never there. :sad:

    Buyer complaint process is offered for all listings. If you get a fake item, you can file a complaint stating that the item isn't as described in the listing....I think. Sorry, I've never dealt with this! But I'm sure that's how it works.

    Also, be sure to use a credit card! I wouldn't use anything else unless I trusted the seller (like I had transactions with them before).
  5. There are alot of different types of buyers protection. The best is with and if you pay by instant transfer you get automatic protection
  6. I found some more info.
    Link for all of the newbies:
    1. Disputes could be filed and must be within 45 days of payment.
    2. For items not as described, aka fakes, Paypal requires a return to seller at your (buyer) expense.
    3. Disputes can be escalated into claims and must be within 20 days of the dispute.
    - Max ebay payout is $200 - $25 processing fee under standard Ebay protection.
    - Paypal will coordinate disputes.
    - Seller may issue full refund.
    - Dispute will auto-close in 20 days if it is not closed/escalated.
    4. Chargeback is possible on credit cards though it may vary.

    Thanks for the tips too.
    So it looks like I do have some protection under the regular buyer complaint policy then.

    I think it would be great if we could include a quick tutorial for eBay buyers and sellers on this forum somehow.