Clarification on the Stam...

  1. Would someone be so kind to tell me if the inside lining is now only going to be canvas? I have read conflicting things.

    The lining was suede and now will remain canvas? Yes/No?

    Thank you!
  2. Yes, the inside lining is now only going to be canvas and it used to be suede.
  3. Second bloemetje - I was told it's going to remain canvas on all upcoming bags.
  4. Yea, I'm not feeling the canvas lining. That's why I haven't bought anymore stams. I returned the baby one I bought because that canvas is nasty looking IMO.
  5. Now, see I have a Bonze stam and the canvas lining looks nice and clean and refined. I guess it is a matter of taste.
  6. Yep, the lining will be canvas. IMO, the suede was so much nicer. I have a putty Stam and it is the only one I will own.
  7. Yea, my putty stam is going to be my only one I think. At least my only one while the current styles are in place. The leather even seems different on the new f/w ones.
  8. Thank you all.

    I was thinking of purchasing one, but I truly don't like the linignmuch now. It may help the bag be a bit lighter, but it cheapens the bag. Suede is just so much more lovely.

    Does anyone know the reason they switched? I wonder if it was to cut costs a bit.
  9. The official word from MJ was that they did it to make the bag lighter, but I personally don't find it feels significantly lighter when carried. I have both and they feel the same. But oddly, I actually prefer the canvas (with the exception of the Putty, only because I love the color of the blue suede) - the canvas is easier to keep clean and it doesn't pick up lint as much either.

    You can still find a few bags with suede if you search a little though.
  10. I actually wanted the suede lining, but nevermind..still love the stam
  11. I was bummed that the lining is now canvas but that didn't stop me from buying a new Stam. It is such a lovely bag.
  12. Do you like bags from Soft Calf Collection line (Blake, Venetia, Multipocket, Sporty Tote, Flap Satchel, Sling, Amy Hobo, Bleecker, Zip Clutch, etc)? This line will continue to have suede linings.

    Quilted Frame Collection line (Stam, Hobo Stam, E/W Stam, Baby Stam, etc) have canvas lining & gold hardware now.
  13. oops i posted under the wrong thread. sorry... im pretty new to this. but for all you avid MJ lovers-- can i ask a couple of questions?

    OK im just wondering for those with the older MJ stam (fall 05??? not sure)... what color is the suede of your zippered pockets? is your hardware brass?