Clarification on style names, fabrics, etc., please help

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  1. I have several Coach bags and love them, but I get a little confused as to where the names come from. Like if it's a Legacy Duffle, Duffle is the shape (right?), but what makes it a Legacy bag? Or a Madison Isabelle? What are the different fabric, optic, op art, etc. If there is a place that all this is spelled out, I would love to look into it. I have a Madison Carryall and I'm not sure what makes it The horse and carriage emblem is typically on a Madison, right? Is it a carryall because it has the three sections? I'd like to get better at identifying the specifics.
    Thanks for help from anyone!
  2. I don't know if there is one place where it is spelled out. Legacy and Madison refer to different product lines or collections. Sometimes you can tell something about a bag from the collection it comes from and other times styles seem to overlap. For quite a while, Madison bags mostly have had that soft squishy pebbled leather, but Madison collections from a long time ago were completely different, although Madison has always seemed to be dressier line. They haven't always had the horse and carriage. Legacy has been used so many times to define different things that it is much harder to determine what it means. Generally it is supposed to refer to style elements taken from the past.

    Coach has alternately used the word duffle and hobo to describe nearly identical styles, but yes, generally, the word duffle is supposed to describe the shape. As far as I can tell, carryall almost always refers to a larger tote type bag with sections.

    Coach has had many different names for the fabric designs. That is something you just have to make a note of when you see them. You could start to keep yourself a photo library. You can also look through the pictures in the reference library to help you.
  3. Thanks for answering! I should have known that Coach wouldn't keep it clear I think I'm going to start a photo library, that sounds like a good idea.
  4. You're welcome!