Clarification of New Vernis Color...

  1. I responded the following to a question on another thread. Just though I would start a new one to educate everyone on some info...

    Contrary to what most people believe, it isn't called Pomegrant. Reason being, is many SA's and clients refer to the short SKU color which is (POME) to being pomegrant. Just like how Framboise is (FRAM) or how Pearle is (PERL) etc.Pomme d'Amour is french and directly translates to "Apple of Love" that is the exact color and meaning of the new color.

    Hope that clarifies everything... ;)

    ~ Your friendly neighbourhood SA... ;)
  2. thanks! apple of love is perfect for valentines day!
  3. As I said on the other thread:

    Apple of Love is the direct translation, but like most languages, your don't translate word for word....correct translation is: Love Apple.
  4. :cutesy: Thank you!
  5. thank you for the info, your input is most welcome!
  6. From other thread:

    We were trained to notify clients of this name. :yes: I guess some stores may be different.
  7. ^^^no one told,, just translated it ;)
  8. Regardless of the actual translation the color is beautiful! I am not usually a fan of red, but this color is the exception!! Its yummy!!

    Actually to be quite honest, the main reason I was drawn to getting something in this color was partly because of the name! haha! Yes, I am a marketer's target consumer! :shame:
  9. I think Pfers know all about this color for months before some SA even aware about this new color.

    I guess it's true that some SA just assume POME in SKU as pomegranate.
    Although after looking at new color, I realize that the color is too dark to be candy apple, apple toffe .My old vernis color is more candy apple color like below:


    New red color has deep red blood like pomegranate seeds despite it's called pomme d'amour

  10. English isn't great but I do speak both English and French lol, what's the difference between (1)"love apple" and (2)"apple of love"??? isn't 'love' just being used as an adjective in (1) and more emphasis on the emotional state of love in (2)? I think both are essentially the same:p
  11. ^CEC.LV4eva, Your answers are awesome and humble me everytime.
  12. I am french, and it could be either ;)
    azn_gq, I think I know you from the counter!
  13. the the apple of love color is that availabe for Feb only is it permanent?! *yes, I may be a bit behind as I didn't really care for this color, but that heart shaped purse in that color is being to grow on me*
  14. thank you pinki!!!:shame:
  15. woohoo! so i'm right lol:yahoo: