clarification of leather colours and bag styles for black hardware

  1. so, just to clarify:

    - the black hardware was only available for autumn-winter 2006
    - the leather colours were black and metallic navy (as described on NAP)
    - the styles are: paddington, clutch...

    could someone inform me of the other styles, and confirm / correct my information?

    thanks! =)
  2. Include the long and short paddington wallets in black/black and navy/black and the box tote paddingtons.
  3. The paddington Shopper was available in Black with the black hardware.
  4. Paddington Cross-body w/ black/black hardware can be added.
  5. thus far:

    - the black hardware was only available for autumn-winter 2006 (confirmed)
    - the leather colours were black & metallic navy (confirmed)
    - the styles are:
    - paddington
    - clutch
    - long wallet
    - short wallet
    - paddington box tote
    - paddington shopper
    - paddington cross body

    excellent! thank you everyone for your help! I really appreciate it, as I am not very familiar with chloe bags.

  6. anybody has the pics of the paddy black on black? Just ordered one from Nordies for $689......
  7. From which Nordies please, I would like to order one if they have more!!!
  8. I have the midnight blue metallic with black hardware in the front pocket paddy style. I can post pics if anyone wants to see. This is not the same bag as the shopper. I *think* the shopper only came in black on black.
  9. I would like to see a picture of your midnight blue paddy.. It seems like it's quite the desirable color, that and the '05
    ......please & thanks
  10. Oooh, I would like to see a pic too. :heart:

    My bleu nuit Paddy clutch is in my avatar. Such a gorgeous combination of colours and finishes.
  11. I'll post pics tonight! Someone PM me if I forget!
  12. thank you thank you!
  13. Ok, here are some picks of my pocket paddy in metallic bleu nuit with black hardware. I got it from Bluefly and I *think* I will be returning it. I love the black hardware, but I'm not sure it works as well on this style as it does some of the other paddy styles...

    black hardware paddy 004.JPG black hardware paddy 005.JPG
  14. here's a picture of the black on black I had ordered last month but decided not to keep because the shape of it did not make me 195.7% happy. I returned it to neimanmarcus last Sunday and imagine it'll pop up on their website sometime soon, possibly...

    ...instead I have a '06 black on black bleu nuit satchel on it's way :girlsigh:
  15. Do you not like the color or the shape? Black on black is kinda unique IMO....but I prefer a classic paddy satchel =)

    so you have the blue with black hardware on the way?