Clare Vivier Tropezienne Tote Reveal :)

  1. I just bought this bag for myself today, the Clare Vivier Tropezienne tote, 8 inch handle in black. It is so nice :smile: The leather is thick and saturated and the tote style is of course always great. I thought I'd share photos with everyone as there are not many posts about this designer on TPF. One other girl showed off her brown one and a few posts on some of the crossbody styles, but that was pretty much all I could find.

    The bags are made in the USA and the leather is Italian.






  2. First of all grats for the new bag!!!
    This bag looks very sturdy, Definitely suits your slim figure :smile:
  3. Nice bag
  4. Great tote! Enjoy!
  5. I really love La Tropezienne, and have toyed with adding one to my collection for quite a while. If it wasn't an open-top bag, I would have definitely pulled the trigger, but I'm squeamish about theft these days and so am trying to be disciplined only to buy bags which I can fasten up tight.

    My friend has it in brown, and it is developing the most amazing patina with use - definitely a bag which will look better with age.

    Congratulations on your purchase. I'm sure it'll be a firm favourite :tup:

    - Lips
  6. I love totes...I own two LV Neverfulls and a few Goyards etc., all of which have no closures. I've never had a problem with them regarding theft. When you wear it on your shoulder and have your arm down on the bag, no one can really get inside it :smile: They are also the easiest style for me. When you are running around all day or out shopping and need something quick, there is nothing like an open top tote.

    I almost got the brown and will probably get that one too eventually. I still have the option of switching mine for the brown if I wanted but lately I keep buying colored purses and not black and I really needed a new everyday black bag. So your friend's brown one has gotten darker? I asked them at the store if that would happen and they said not really since the leather was treated but I'm glad to hear that it does because I love when brown leather patinas. I wonder how the black one will wear down the road.
  7. @SB310 - I too have quite a few open-top bags, and have never had any issues with theft <frantically touches wood>, but I heard this piece on the radio about staying safe during the Olympics (or in any other large crowds), and it has made me completely paranoid. Similar to this (but read/watch at your peril!)...

    I think that my friend's La Trop bag has taken on a richer shade through use. I saw it the day it arrived in the mail at the beginning of this year, and have seen it regularly since then, as my friend uses it every single day (she's in love!) I asked her recently if she'd treated it with leather feed, because it looks really burnished and amazing, but she said that she's done absolutely nothing to it. I'm convinced that it has not only darkened, losing some of it's redness and becoming more chestnut-coloured, but also it seems to be changing in texture slightly, and becoming less stiff and more pliable. The stitching, which is white, has also darkened, which I think improves the overall look.

    Anyway, I think your black version looks amazing on you, and you should keep it. It will be nicely aged when you eventually cave and buy the brown one as well! :biggrin:

    - Lips
  8. Nice and seem reasonably priced considering mat'l and origin.
  9. Love these bags. I think Clare Vivier bags don't get enough love on TPF. The fold over clutches are timeless. The La Trop tote you got is a classic. Congrats!
  10. Thank you. Yes, I agree that if the white stitches darken, it will look better. Honestly, that's the only part of the bag that I don't like. It doesn't really need it and years ago the bags didn't have it. Oh well :p
  11. Thanks! Yeah I don't know why there are not many threads on her bags here. I guess because the brand is still relatively unknown, which is what I like. Not everyone on every corner is wearing it and you can still be somewhat unique ;)

    I saw the foldover clutches and they did seem very nice as well.
  12. Here's mine in brown. Packed with work stuff. Love how I can abuse her and she still looks great!

  13. Great tote! Love it in the brown!
  14. What a great work option. I assume an A4 will fit? And does it stand/ sit or fall over? My work bag search is now epic.
  15. I don't know what an A4 is, but it fits standard files, my iPad, my large wallet, cosmetic bag, sometimes camera and extra shoes. Not the largest tote, but a good size. It doesn't stand well on its own. The bottom is a bit rounded. I use a purse organizer in it for pockets and organizing. Hope that helps.