Clare Vivier Inspired DIY (neon stripe pouch)

  1. Just came across this link, eager to try this DIY in the style of Clare Vivier. I've seen this on a couple other fashion blogs before - have any of you tried it? I'm curious as to what sort of leather (pleather?) works best.
  2. Pretty! I'd love to know too.:smile:
  3. I think it will be safe enough to try it on polyurethane. That is a synthetic material most bags are made of. The real leather is porous; the paint will soak through, staining the lining. I would rather glue on strips of material to achieve the effect. For more authentic look you can even put stitches on the strips of material and then glue them on. Important! Some glues can damage synthetic materials, test on inconspicuous place first and avoid glues that state that are not suitable for vinyl (they will most certainly will damage your bag).
  4. LOVE THIS....going to try it on the bags i was going to give away....might end up keeping them.