clara Kasavina

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  1. [​IMG]
    Pyhton clutch

  2. [​IMG]


    Meduim trixie
  3. [​IMG]

  4. They seem a little too jazzy for me.. I think the only one I'd consider is the pink satin one. :smile:
  5. "jazzy" does seem the appropriate word for them.

    Everytime I see an overly bedazzled evening clutch, I think of Claire's jewelry stores in the mall. They sell cute bags like that for $20.
  6. I saw the python clutch with the crystals around the edge in a store. I loved it but I was bothered that the crystals weren't attached neatly and in a straight line. They were a bit crooked....
  7. I think I like the meduim trixie!