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  1. Okay.

    Which color do you like? Why?

    I’m buying it this week. Can’t decide on the color...... please help!
  2. I have the Clapton PM in raisin. I love it.
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  3. Eric
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  4. I’m leaning toward it. Did you have any color transfer from the raisin?
  5. I like the contrast of the ebene and the raisin the most. I don’t think you will get any colour transfer as it is quite a dark colour.
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  6. Perfect thanks. Sold. Now I gotta go hunting....
  7. I have the Clapton pm in raisin, Love it! no color transfer. the gold hardware looks brand new after more than a year. i wanted the pochette metis but opted for the clapton as im not a fan of s-lock. and i love the open back pocket of clapton. easy access of my phone and key pouch. Goodluck
  8. I have the Clapton in noir. Yellow lining very fresh and different. I like the bag for all of the reasons above. The noir goes with just about anything. Strap also is very comfortable. Good luck!
  9. No color transfer at all. I've worn it primarily with dark colors and jeans. I've had mine for over a year and the hardware is still shiny and showing very minimal wear. The bag still looks brand new.