Clapton Backpack Club

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    I wanted to add a dressy backpack to my bag collection, and the Clapton Backpack was LVOE at first sight. Thanks to fellow TPFers who posted early intel, I was able to order this thru my wonderful SA K and picked up on 3/31/18.

    The Clapton Backpack can be carried in multiple ways—backpack, top handle, over-the-shoulder, and crossbody. The straps have many holes that support the different configurations. The DE canvas is pliable and conforms to the body well. There are built-in magnets towards the top of the bag that create the cinched/tapered look. The bag’s shape will expand (fuller on the sides) if the bag is loaded with more stuff.

    For sizing reference, see pic with coke bottle. I would consider this a medium sized bags—it’s a bit more spacious than the various small clutches like Eva, Pochette, Felicie; though not quite as roomy as a regular sized handbag or tote. Overall, I’m super excited to have and use the Clapton Backpack. I look forward to sharing and admiring many pics in this club
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  2. Its soooooo cute !!!!
  3. I hope you keep it in store for a long time
  4. I love it! Please let us know how the light-coloured leather wears! I would love to also get one... but I'm not sure if clumsy me can take the light-coloured leather :/
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  5. I LOVE the look of light colored bags, esp during spring and summer. BUT I hate babying light colored bags—they are usually high maintenance. So the way that I try to get around that is getting bags with light accents. The body of the Clapton Backpack is DE, which is a low maintenance workhorse. I’ve used the bag on 2 outings to restaurants—so far so good
  6. This is my favorite premier Convertible backpack!! If anyone can share modshots, I'd love to see them :smile:
  7. This one caught my eyes too. Initially, I am quite worried about the depth as I do not like to 'dig treasures' as things tend to mess up for "deep" bags. But, when I looked at the bag in the boutique, it seems not too bad. I really hope to see what fits in the bag for this.
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  8. This is such a beauty of a backpack!
    I was thinking of getting this one except in the pink colour. Just wondering if anyone has both the Clapton backpack and the mini Palm Springs. If so which would you recommend ?
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  9. I'd get one in black leather! Red would look super nice too!
  10. I would have to say the Clapton as this backpack have you can be worn three different ways. A very ladylike backpack where the Palm Springs is just a backpack.
  11. Lovely elegant lady like bag. It is a backpack last. . .
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  12. CornishMon, do you mind posting your very thorough review on this thread too? When I read it for the first and second time, I was like, this lady is a MIND READER—I think you’ve said everything that I would say, and then some. It’s such a GREAT and detailed review and reference for people interested in the Clapton Backpack as well as Saintonge.

    Also, would you please share your beautiful mod shots . I’ve only used my bag at nite in dim lighting, so I don’t have any mod shots yet.
  13. Thank you for the advice, I like the idea that it can be worn different ways . Enjoy your lovely backpack
  14. As requested
    This bag can be worn three ways (Shoulder bag, Crossbody or Backpack style)
    Great size for a small bag will definitely hold quite a bit
    The flatness of the bag makes it really great crossbody
    Elegant a very Lady Like Backpack as it really does not look like a backpack (which I like)
    Opening is wide enough to get in and out of with no problems on or off shoulder
    Can be dressed up or down
    Handle on top is small enough where it will not get in the way but very handy at the same time
    Strap is not only removable but a nice width when clipped on the top of the bag It is very balanced
    Cream and tan leather against the Damier is absolutely breath taking and the interior is just light/dark enough
    Magnets on the size of the bag are strong and the hardware details is amazing
    Flap seems sturdy and I can see it wearing very well over time
    Hardware while it is lovely scratches will be a concern down the line - what will that look like on the front of the bag
    Corners in front a little pointed but may not be a huge concern
    Please note while opening and getting things don’t must let the flap go because the hardware is quite heavy it will slam into the clasp. That will leave some unsightly scratches.
  15. @CornishMon Thank you very much
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