Clairvoyant/Unicorn Puke

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  1. I love the color Clairvoyant/Unicorn Puke from Cult Nails but sadly it's not sold anymore. Does anyone happen to know a close dupe or where I can get the actual color? I checked ebay and it's going for like $40 a bottle which is way more than I want to pay.

  2. Sorry, I don't know of a dupe--actually didn't know what the color looked like until you just posted it. It's really pretty though! I'm also wondering if that's layered over something, and would be interested in knowing if something similar is available.
  3. I do not think it's layered over anything. I think it's just 2-3 coats of the polish.
  4. It's a really pretty color. I wish I were able to get it when it was available. Sometimes I feel like I started getting back into doing my nails too late in the game because I missed out on so many great things, but maybe it's better off that way. I'm moving and don't need to be hauling off boxes of polish in addition to all the other stuff I have to take care of!
  5. Actually $40 was a good price relatively, ive seen it priced at $100 on EvilBay. Clairvoyant really is a beautiful polish i was told a while back that one of the Picture Polish flakies had the same color flakies but it didnt have the purple base and was more sparse with the flakies but if you do enough layers....I'm still hoping that Maria at Cult Nails will bring it back some day as she seems to have gotten more flakies now. Until then i'll have to use my Clairvoyant sparingly.
  6. Omg someone's selling a bottle on the bay now at $325 or "best offer" :shocked:
    $40 is looking really good to me right now! Would someone really pay that much for a bottle? Clarins 230 goes around like $100 and I couldn't justify a purchase like that, let alone over $300.

    I love my polish but not that much.
  7. Wish they still made this color. I love it and it's name!
  8. It's a gorgeous color, I wonder if a blue + flakie polish could produce a similar effect?
  9. Well we could always email Maria at Cult Nails and ask if they might rerelease Clairvoyant sometime in the near future, now that they seem to have a new source for the flakies which is why it was discontinued. I was thinking of doing that anyway. Ok so i checked and the flakie that i was told is dupish sort of minus the purple base for Clairvoyant is Picture Polishes Festival but you would have to do 2-3 coats to get the same coverage.