Claire Danes @ Stardust Premiere

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  1. Claire Danes plays it dangerously low in a black backless dress at the Los Angeles premiere of Stardust on Sunday.
    The Matthew Vaughn-directed fantasy film is based on the novella by Neil Gaiman. In the film, Danes play Yvaine, a star that transforms into a striking girl.

    Not too far behind on the red carpet: Claire’s British beau Hugh Dancy.
    Stardust is in theaters nationwide on Friday, August 10.
    50-claire-danes-star-dust-premiere.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-01.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-02.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-03.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-04.jpg
  2. She looks stunning. Love her hair and make-up too.
    claire-danes-stardust-premiere-06.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-07.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-08.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-09.jpg claire-danes-stardust-premiere-10.jpg
  3. She's looking gorgeous lately
  4. Wow, she looks very pretty there. :tup:
    The dress looks great on her and I also like the hair style.
  5. WOW!! I've never seen her look so amazing!!
  6. She's looking good. Although I prefer her with short hair.
  7. Love that dress.
  8. she looks great. love the dress.
  9. What happened to Hugh Dancy??? That doesn't look like him at all. I like him better with his wavey curly hair.:confused1: He was so cute in Ella.
  10. She looks stunning!love the dress
  11. She looks so good!

  12. exactly what i was going to say! :tup:
  13. I like her!!
  14. She's never looked better! Love her look in these pictures!
  15. Her makeup is flawless!