Claire Danes Cell Phone Walk and Talk in NYC

  1. Claire Danes, walks around SoHo in her exercise clothes, engaging in cell phone walk and talk after working up a sweat at the gym.
    Danes‘ latest movie Stardust which is being released today, has opened up to mostly positive reviews. According to Entertainment Weekly, Stardust is about “the story of a man (Charlie Cox) who travels to a mystical land to catch a falling star for his fair lady (Sienna Miller). Unbeknownst to the besotted lad, the star has transformed into a lovely young lass (Claire Danes).”

    I think she looks great and I love that bag.
    claire-danes-cell-phone-01.jpg claire-danes-cell-phone-02.jpg claire-danes-cell-phone-03.jpg claire-danes-cell-phone-04.jpg claire-danes-cell-phone-05.jpg
  2. She looks nice without makeup!
  3. LOVE the bag! I like how she looks like any old regular person walking down the street.
  4. Is that a Valentino bag?
  5. ^ yes it is. She looks good without any makeup on.
  6. She looks cute!
  7. She is pretty! She seems very down to earth!
  8. She looks very pretty, even without makeup. Her face has a lot of character, which I like.
    Nice to focus on Hollywood stars with talent who actually have their act together, like Claire, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett, etc.
  9. :yes: yes she does it's nice they're focusing on the actresses that are taking care of themselves:tup:
  10. She's looking really great, but I lost respect for her when she stole Mary Louise Parker's man (while she was pregnant!!)

    Not cool
  11. ^^^:yes: and now they are not even together anymore :wtf:
  12. she's so cute, I love Claire!!! :p
  13. She looks great and approachable. Like I want to be her friend!
  14. ^^^ita!
  15. she looks great.