claims with sellers who cancel their id

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  1. hey ladies, i was hoping someone can help me answer this question-
    if you filed a claim with a seller who cancelled their eBay id, but you did it before they cancelled, how does paypal recoup your money if they're no longer a registered user of eBay and/or paypal? has this happened to anyone. i'm still waiting to get my money back from a bad purchase and the seller just cancelled their id on eBay so now im getting nervous. thanks!
  2. if they are no longer with eBay, i believe you can still get your money, but if they've closed their pp and disconnected their cc/bank accounts, you're out of luck. however, if they ever reopen it, you will get your money back (maybe not all of it, tho..just what they have in there). so yeah, it's pretty sucky. :sad:
  3. thanks:crybaby: i hope they still have it
  4. Did you pay with a credit card? If so, call your credit card company immediately to file a chargeback in addition to your Paypal claim. Your CC company will work faster than Paypal and you will likely be able to get your $ back from your CC company. Good luck!
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