Claim was decided in my favour

  1. I filed a PP claim 11 days ago for fake Tiffany jewelery I received. I kept my fingers crossed every day for the last 11 that the scumbag would not reply to my claim and he did not and today it was found in my favour.

    I am SOOOO relieved to be getting a full refund.
  2. yeah, awesome!
  3. Cool deal. Congrats!
  4. Yay I'm glad, All the claims I've filed so far turned out this way too. I guess the sellers don't bother trying to explain themselves since they know they did something wrong.
  5. It is such a relief. If PP had not refunded me I would have filed a chargeback with my CC but I am glad it does not have to be drawn out any further.
  6. Good for you. Unfortunately I haven't been as lucky with crappy pieces I received that was falsely described as new. Paypal told me that it was a matter of personal opinion.

  7. I ended up losing close to $20 due to the conversion rates differing between when I bought it and yesterday but I can live with that.
  8. I have a dispute open right now. They take their time with them!