Claim filed by evil buyer saying I never sent bag.

  1. Well, according to her feedback, she does this all the time, but because I have no proof of delivery (buyer didn't pay for it - I had to ship to the UK), she filed claim with paypal without contacting me or anything and I just KNOW she got the bag. Do I have any recourse, or will paypal just take the money back from me? Can I file a claim with eBay for nonpayment (once paypal gives her money back to her) and get the money back from eBay (which doesn't seem fair, since I know she has the bag!)

    I am SO FURIOUS. I should have known better than to ship a bag to someone like that. Can I report her to eBay or paypal -she's obviously defrauding one of them!

    THanks for any advice
  2. Can you give more details: value of the bag, method of shipping? How long have you shipped it?

    You need to present all the facts in writing to Paypal too, better get them written down. Don't contact your buyer via your email, do so at the Paypal dispute page.
  3. First of all I am sorry, but you should never ever send a bag w/o delivery confirmation. Its not up to the buyer to pay for it is on you! It's your lifesaver in a case like this. She will get her money back thru pp no doubt. You have to show proof of delivery and w/o that you have nothing to prove you actually shipped it. Sorry, I know its not fair, but its one of the 1st rules of selling.
  4. I'm so sorry about your situation. I had a buyer who tried to do the same thing, even though the delivery confirmation said it was delivered. As soon as I told her she would have to sign legal documents with the post office, she backed off immediately and magically the bag suddenly was in her possession.

    I'm sure this isn't the first time Paypal has come across a shady person like this. I would present the case as clearly as possible to Paypal, who should take in consideration the buyer's reputation. Definitely chalk this one up to experience. Hope it all works out for you!
  5. I really hope this works in your favor, I do.

    However, I want to make this point... alot of ebay sellers seem to be under the impression that a buyer must pay for insurance or DC in order to be covered for lost or damaged items. The way paypal sees it is, the shipper/seller is responsible if an item is lost or stolen and also requires online proof of delivery for transaction to be covered by paypal protection. This is why in all of my listings insurance is required and I adjust my shipping cost accordingly.
  6. Just for future reference- always include signed for delivery in your postage cost, do not give them the choice. Whether it is international or your own country. Never send post out if they paid with paypal unless they have a confirmed address. Addresses can only be confirmed in the uk, canada and us. It is always the sellers responsiblity to make sure the bag reachers the buyer.

    At the moment unfortunaly there are fraudulent buyers deliberately looking for auctions where the seller does not use signed for confirmation- especially on high end goods.

    As reguards to the paypal claim, unless you have proof of tracking the claim will be decided in the buyers favour. Is your paypal account empty?
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  7. This happened to me with a gucci bag. Buyer said she didn't get it, and I even had delivery confirmation that she did. Unfortunately I lost the DC slip. Paypal awarded money in her favor and wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. I'm afraid you're out of luck. I'm sorry :heart:
  8. If you ship out of the country, you CANNOT get Delivery Confirmation or Tracking or Signature Confirmation. I understand what the OP is saying by not being able to get DC due to the buyer being out of the country, so telling her that she should have gotten DC is redundant, because you simply cannot purchase DC internationally. You can however get Insurance on the parcel and if the buyer claims she didnt get the bag, its not your problem, it is the Post Offices problem, and they will investigate to either find the bag, or reimburse the insured amount.

    My advice is this: If you ship internationally, require the buyer to pay for insurance. To the OP: Write a clear, concise explanation stating you sent the bag, and that the buyer has had this "rare" situation happen on multiple occasions as according to her feedback.

    God be with you!
  9. If you ship international, you have to fill out the customs form and there is a "CPxxxxUS" number on the form. You can track it (sometimes) online or at the Post Office and they can investigate for you and get you proof of delivery. It might take months, but it doesn't hurt to try.
  10. 'You can however get Insurance on the parcel and if the buyer claims she didnt get the bag, its not your problem, it is the Post Offices problem, and they will investigate to either find the bag, or reimburse the insured amount'- this bit is incorrect, if the parcel goes missing it is still the sellers responsibilty- paypal protection means that the seller is responsibe for the buyer getting the bag. If the bag gets lost the seller has to deal with it still.

    And i get international tracking for all my items sent out of the country!
  11. ...OR, you can ship via FedEx or DHL or one of those type courier services, they get a signature with delivery, and you can track every step of the way and even go online and view the signature. I've done this with packages from the USA to London, so I know that works. You pay for it, but it's better than being scammed like this.
  12. So let me understand this more clearly. Are you all saying that there are no delivery confirmations if a package is sent out of the country? The only way to avoid this happening is to "insure" the package? Doesn't FedEx require a signature upon delivery in any country? Please let me I sell on ebay and I certainly don't want this to happen to me. :confused1: BTW - I am so sorry that this happened to you, but thank you so very much for letting us all know! Please keep us updated and Good Luck.
  13. Try using the customs form number as previously mentioned. This number is located on your post office receipt. They should be able to tell you if it cleared customs at least... good luck!
  14. NO the poster who put that was incorrect, you CAN get international signed for delivery. As a seller quote it reguardless dont give them the option, I send about 30 items a week internationaly and whether it is second hand kids stuff or a high end bag I always send it with signed for delivery!
  15. For a paypal claim you have to have evidence of delivery, which is a tracking number for signed delivery where paypal can verify the delivery online. And the address needs to be a confirmed address!