CL zipper sandals

  1. i think the olsen twins are gonna rock this shoe..any thoughts?
  2. I hear there is supposed to be a lot of hype behind this shoe....but truly do not understand why. Can somebody explain it to me? I just don't get it for some reason.....wasn't attracted by this style at all. Anyone else feel this way?.....or is this shoe simply too fashion-forward for me?
  3. It is not for me. It sort of strikes me as Balenciaga-esque which the Olsens definitely wear.
  4. Not my style.
  5. I don't really get this shoe either. Why would I want to wrap my foot in a 20 inch zipper then sick it on a stiletto? But I can imagine the Olsens wearing it. Their taste runs towards the quirky.
  6. Yeah the rodarte shoe isn't really doing anything for me. I like edgy, but this is wayyyyyy too edgy for me. And, you guys are right. The Olsens will be rocking these for sure!
  7. I can absolutely see the olsens wearing this shoe.
    I honestly don't care for it at this point BUT as usual I am sure that I will change my mind once I try it on. I am just not attracted to it, although I do have the zipper bow Bruno Frisoni's from last year which have a similar feel.
    I guess this shoe is going to be popular since it was on the Rodarte runway, I feel like a lot of the shoes that CL does for Rodarte end up being popular (ie Mad Mary, Hercule, Ariella Clou)
  8. In general, I think that the styles that CL does for runway shows end up being popular, I forget which show the rolando originally appeared on (I think it was slightly higher and pointier nose version of the rolando) and we all know what happened to the rolando since.
    I'd like to see how this shoe does in a few months, I wonder if I will be drooling come spring time.
  9. The only version of "Rodarte" that I have some fondness for is the special-order-only pewter/bronze portruding metal version (it's hard to describe)....the one that a lot of people consider scary-looking (even heard someone describe it as the shoe you'll see in hell LOL). Well that special-order shoe costs $3k+ so it's a dream-and-laugh shoe for I think I'll get tired of it after like 2 wears. Apparently No stores are getting that version except for pay-up-front custom orders....and CL Horatio St. already has one client who's forked over $3k in anticipation LOL.
  10. It's fun but still very runway to me. I think the Olsens would rock this shoe because they love those funky Balenciaga shoes. :shrugs:
  11. Not for me.
  12. Definitely not my style.
  13. I agree with the gang. I'm not crazy about most of the styles from the Spring/Summer line yet... I need time to wear all my new acquisitions anyway. :yes:
  14. I actually like this shoe because it's so edgy! I think with a very feminine, light airy summer dress these shoes would be divine. Even with skinny jeans and a flirty top. But we all have different tastes. I do get the hype and yes the olsens will have this shoe if they don't already!

    Foxy ,I know the shoes you are speaking off, it's in the attachment below and that reminds of a shoe you might wear on stage just because of all the spikes and unless you are in a video or on the red carpet for a music industry related event where can you really wear them. Unless you work in high fashion.

    My favs are the nude ones with the studs but they didn't make that shoe either.
    00070m.jpg 00400m.jpg
  15. ^^I am so scared of that shoe, I can't believe it is $3K, but to each their own. I would love to see the shoe posted above with the spikes worn IRL.