CL yoyo zeppas....still available anywhere?

  1. so i'm obsessing over CLs. i've been posting non-stop about them, i know :p i want to achieve the impossible - a pair of pumps that are both comfy and chic. i've seen some CL peep toes that are TDF but i hear are completely uncomfy, i.e. very prives. it seems yoyo zeppas are pretty decent in comfort. question now is - despite being so late in the game, are these pumps still available? how do i find myself a pair?? is there a CL like 800 number i can call and they'll hunt down a pair for me? or maybe CL boutiques i can call? are they even available or totally discontinued, thereby forcing me onto eBay.....? help! i MUST have these shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool::drool:
  2. Yoyo Zeppa's (the peep-toe UNcovered platform) are cut slightly wider up-front than the Very Prive's (the peep-toe covered platform), so they are a bit more comfortable than the Prive's. Not a huge difference, but I do sense a difference....yes. Especially in the hot summer months when my feet tend to swell, Yoyo Zeppa's are more walkable for me (in patent). However, from a strictly design/appearance perspective, I like the concealed platform more.

    If you're looking for the black patent Yoyo Zeppa, I think NM online might still have a few sizes left -- check NM's website (it's not available at NM stores). Bergdorf Goodman the actual store still has a few sizes remaining as well in the black patent Yoyo Zeppa. You can give them a call.

    But if you're looking for the Yoyo Zeppa in leopard (my #1 favorite), leather, satin, etc., those are long long sold-out and not re-stocked anywhere AFAIK.

    As far as CL boutiques go they are long sold-out of the Yoyo Zeppa's; currently the focus is mainly on the concealed platform frenzy. Even so there are very very few Prive's left at the boutiques -- mostly all sold-out. For Prive's you'd have better luck at dept. stores where they order more stock than boutiques.
  3. ITA. The VP seemed to be a style "upgrade" on the yoyo zeppa style.

    I saw some on; also try

    The CL website, which has all the boutique numbers, is at; click the "english" version, and then there's an icon for the stores.

    I personally prefer the covered platform version of the very prive. I'd suggest just going a half-size up if the toe box is tight for you, and using a gel pad in the heel if they slip a bit.
  4. wow, thank you thank you thank you. i'm looking at the yoyos at Neimans online and im ecstatic they're still available!!!! thanks so much foxycleopatra! and legaldiva, yea VP definitely looks better with the concealed platform. you think going up half a size may work? hmm...i'm going to neimans today so if they have it (or both! eee) i'll try em on and see what i think. if not i'll order them both online and try em on.....either way im gettin myself a pair today! :graucho:
  5. Good luck rainyjewels.
  6. they're available on
  7. I have the suede, and they are much more forgiving than other materials, like the patent ones.

    Maybe that's the option you need ...