CL withdrawal

  1. Do you ever have to go through (long) periods where you simply cannot purchase a pair of CLs?

    For financial reasons, shopping bans or whatever the do you deal? I'm going crazy desperately needing a new pair, but wont be able to for several months :crybaby::cursing:
  2. Simple... I can't deal! This is terrible that you can't buy any for so long :sad: Just occupy yourself with other... interesting...? things...

    OK!! This is useless. CLs are so exquisite and pretty :push: I feel for you hun, be strong! :heart: lol
  3. When I am on a ban (of shoes/bags/clothes) I get my fix like this... I go visit my item. Meaning I literally head to Saks Neimans or where ever the object of my affection is and I take it out, look at it, try it on, etc. After about a week or two (ok maybe three) I'm over it. And the 1 time that I didn't get over it, I took the item over to a very understanding SA (who had seen me "visit" with said item) and they held it until I could buy it! (which by then was at max 2 weeks later)

    I know, this method can be torturous but it really helps me be frugal and practical with my money, and it still lets me enjoy the object of my affection- even if only for a few minutes!
  4. I am in that exact situation now. However I will fall off the wagon if any one of my must have styles comes along. I will only make an exception for those and nothing new during such periods. I feel your pain nonetheless :crybaby:
  5. yes, i know the feeling! the worst part is when you can actually buy but can't find the sizes that you need. raaa!
  6. It's especially painfull when you see great deals ... then it's so hard.
  7. I need to get off the computer it's the only way... where I live I can't usually find what I want so I stalk onlineshops and the bay and it's way too easy to hit the "submit"/"buy" etc...button.
    When i buy in shope I am more aware of the price I pay and it sometimes feels like a cold shower.
  8. I will soon have to go on a longterm ban. I have not yet been able to do so. What I would try is to seek comfort in the CLs you already have. I am sure they are fantastic. Let them bring you comfort. Also, the window shopping/visits is a nice trick. Set a goal for youself--when you are off your ban, allow yourself a treat at the end. It will be worth it.
  9. i am currently on a ban. i just remind myself that as much as i love a shoe or handbag, i am not going to die without it. i am trying to be less materialistic this year.
  10. My a little fashion show with what is ALREADY in your closet. Works for me everytime! You realize what great items you already have. Then you should get decked out and wear a fantastic outfit with your fav CL and handbag and go out to dinner with friends or your honey!
    Stay strong!:boxing:
  11. Hilarious! I visit my intended purchases too! My BF thinks I'm nuts, but it helps me decide if I really love the item or not!
  12. Indulge in something cheaper during the ban..can I introduce you to my two very good friends? Ben and Jerry:

  13. priin, that's great! i actually laughed out loud. we don't have ben & jerry's in australia but that sure looks good.
  14. Im horrible. I simply cant ban myself. Ive said it a million times, but always end up buying something. If I cant find a deal in store or online I end up ebaying like a crazy maniac. I hunt things down. I am currently bidding and winning 3 pairs! Do I need them? No Do I crave seeing them on my feet? YES! lolPriin - Ive tried the ice cream thing....even with the shoes on! I always end up grabbing the computer shoes on, ice cream in one hand and searching for shoes with the other lol.My cards are melting.
  15. Priin you are a very funny girl. That was such straight face humor!!! I know those guys, too.