CL wedege..comments please!

  1. Comments on this wedge for spring! Is this too young looking for an over 40 woman?? :shrugs:I think it is too cute! Thanks!!
  2. No, I think it would look GREAT on you!!
    I agree, VERY CUTE!
  3. they will look great on you
  4. Thanks, I saw these and adored them. I live in the south, so it's hot in the summer. I just don't want to look like I'm trying be be 20 something. CL is so classy though, but I need honest advise. They come in RED TOO!!:tup:
  5. cute! I ordered a pair this morning.
  6. those shoes and many of CL shoes carry no age limit.

    now, if you wore them with a low rise mini skirt and pink frilly top...then yes! :lol:
  7. Yeah, that's a bummer! I guess I will stick to my my classic clothes. REALLY wanted a little frilly top though! I will just leave that look to Brittany Spears, he he.
  8. Hey! Glad you liked them too! Did you order up a size? They only come in whole sizes so I am not sure what to order. I wear a 7 sometimes but mostly a 7 1/2. Aslo, what color did you get??
  9. no they dont look too young at all! they look like they can be worn by women of all ages.
  10. No they aren't too young! They are very nice, and cute wedges. Summer shoes and wedges are meant to be a little fun, and I thnk they look great, classy with black and white.
  11. Those would look so cute with long skirts and dresses below the knees. Ooooh, also with jeans!
  12. I got a size 39. I'm a US 8 and normally order a 38.5 in CLs. I just recall trying several CL espadrille in the past and the 39 fit better than the 38. =o)-
  13. Thanks because I was just getting ready to pre order! Did you get red or black? I think we can wear these with alot of things and the price is very good, I think. Especially for a shoe you will be able to wear so much. Enjoy!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!:smile:
  14. They are a nice style--and IMO an improvement over the wedges from this year. Oh, and to the OP--you can certainly wear them. I think they are appropriate for women of all ages.
  15. I got the black ones. =) I agree, the price is great! You enjoy too, cjy!!! And Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and your family and to everybody here! (I can't believe it's here already!)