CL Warranty?

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  1. I am having such a bad day... I wore an older style CL pump, the Horatios (pointy toe, lower sculpted 2" heel) today and it's a pair I've maybe worn 5 times since I bought it and one of the heels snapped today at work!

    Do CLs come with any sort of warranty? This has never happened to me before! It looks like the plasticky coating that is under the leather heel that covers the metal rod snapped, so the rod is intact, but I can tilt the heel back and forth now and it ripped through the leather on the back.

    If they don't have a warranty, how much is this type of repair usually?
  2. wow! I'm sos sorry this happened to you! I hope everything works out do you have the reciept? can you find out from the retailer you purchased it from?
  3. I am so sorry this happened to you! What is up with the Horatios?!!! toiletduck also had a similar problem with her heel snapping.

    I would take it to the boutique to see what they say. I hope they can fix it for you.
  4. I think you should try to talk to the retailer you got it from. Saks is great about stuff like that, but I'm not sure how far you would get at Neiman or Barneys or CL itself. I haven't had any experience with them.
  5. I think you should definitely talk to the store you purchased from, and I try to contact the CL head office as well. I seem to remember a similar issue awhile back, and CL provided a new heel for repair.

    Sorry to hear about your bad day. :sad:
  6. I found the thread, but I don't know how to link to it. It was called: "I feel like crying." and it was toiletduck's thread.
  7. **waves** Hi snowwhite!! How's life back home?? I haven't been back since I finished... say hi to your DH for me **waves**

    Thanks for the advice - I just did a search and saw toiletduck's thread:

    OMG - those pics are EXACTLY what happened to mine, although mine still have the original sole since I've hardly worn them. They were a gift so I actually don't know where they were bought from.

    It looks like Toiletduck had to talk to CL Paris - I will try them since I'm not sure how much help I can get in Canada when I'm pretty sure they were originally bought in the US. I was shocked how unhelpful the SAs were when toiletduck called... that shouldn't happen with shoes in this price range!
  8. OMG I thought I was the only one this happened to! LOL I bought my Wallis MJs around May last yr for graduation. 3 days later, I wear it to our graduation celebration at a bar. I was so drunk, SOMEHOW, the heel manages to snap off. I freak out!! Graduation is like 4 days away and I just freaken bought the shoes! I brought it right back to the CL boutique on Horatio after I spoke to Michael on the phone and explained the situation & 2 days later, (1 day before graduation), VOILA!! I got my CLs back and the heel is fixed :yes:

    So don't worry! Call them up & they'll help you out ;)
  9. I was just trying to link again--but I see you found the information.

    Where are you working now? I see you got your red Birkin--CONGRATS! I think I see another one there too...? :yahoo:
  10. snowwhite - will PM you in a minute!

    ikaesmallz - Wow, it happened to your Wallis too? I thought maybe since toiletduck's was a Horatio too that it was a style defect? I will try to call CL Horatio in the morning when they re-open and see if they can help, and if not, I will try CL Paris.