CL: want to purchase my first one..which style and from where?

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  1. hi ladies,
    after seeing all of ur beautiful CLs i think i want to buy my first pair. since they are pretty expensive i would like to invest one that wont go out of style or a classic.
    got any suggestion? if possible, plz post pix..i'm still new w/ style names.

    also, i'll be taking a trip to Hong Kong and Japan this summer....are these two places cheaper to buy them CLs than in the US? thx
  2. I'm not sure if they are cheaper in Japan or Hong Kong.

    If you're looking to buy in the U.S. they you can try the boutiques in NYC and Beverly Hills or Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barney's and select Nordstrom's as well as their websites.

    The styles I would recommend based on your preference for a classic shoe that won't go out of style are: the simple pump and the decollette which are classic pumps. For open toe I would recommend the yoyo or very prive.
  3. Louboutin's have not been around for a while. They don't have stores in Asia I think. I would get a pump, they never go out of style and you can wear them to work, weddings, events....


    This is a patent leather pump and while its expensive (660), by CL's standards it is not too bad.

    Right now, if you check all the department stores websites, they are still having shoe sales. The pickings are slim but sometimes people return shoes and they go back up on the website until someone buys them. They have a few CL shoes on Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and barneys.
  4. Be careful on Ebay. I think there are some sellers with fake Bruges.

    I like CL because you can get a really classic style with a unique twist; for example, the decollete in turtle patent (which i just got!!).

    The very prive in black is a knock out shoe, though. I have it in black suede, and I always feel like a movie star whenever I wear them.
  5. I say purchase a NUMERO PRIVE/VERY PRIVE (slingback/closed heel...both peep-toe). ;)

    Or, a wedge. I know a lot of people who started off on his wedge's, then worked their way up. (including myself)