Cl Visits Barneys Bh On May 7th!!!!!!!!

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  1. THERE HAS BEEN A LAST MINUTE CHANGE IN THE DATE OF WHEN MONSIEUR C.LOUBOUTIN WILL BE VISITING US AT BARNEYS BEVERLY HILLS!!! I was just shopping yesterday and was confirming with my SA about when CL will be coming, and he told me that the date has been changed to the 7th of MAY, WEDNESDAY. I just wanted to make sure all you ladies were aware of this, and not show up the day after!! They had made the mailers prior to finding out about the exact date, and when the date changed, it was too late and mailers were already sent out. anyway, i will DEFINITELY be there, and i'm still debating on what i will be wearing, BUT i WILL be carrying my Gucci Unicef Indy bag (red). =) hope to see you ladies there!!:tup:

  2. Thanks tweetie!!!!
  3. YAY! this is actually better since my father in law flies in on the 8th!!! :smile:
  4. i just checked and my other appt is on the 6th so im free for the 7th YAY
  5. ugh, i fly in the night of the 7th :tdown::tdown:

    HOWEVER, instead of buying the Anemones just to have signed and be pretty and look at... I guess I can just go to the CL boutique and buy 2 pairs of shoes instead...?? And it will give me an excuse to fly out to BH or NY next time he does an event!!
  6. Maybe you can still buy the Anemones, get an SA to get them signed for you and pick them up the next day.
  7. That's not a bad idea--if I talk to an SA that would be willing to do that for me, I would love to! Has anyone else done this for an event before?

  8. I know at the NM event there SAs holding boxes apon boxes of shoes for clients to get signed, that weren't there! I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem!
  9. Yeah, they did this at the NM event last year as well as the Saks event a couple of months ago. Some tpfers here (I think ronsdiva) did that too.
  10. I am so excited to be in LA for this event. Do you think that CL will think it's weird that I will be at the event in NYC and LA (considering that he actually remembers his obsessed clients)?!?! I hope he doesn't think I am a stalker, I am mainly going to LA to meet the lovely tpf ladies :yahoo:
  11. I think going to this is a strong possibility for me and as much as I would be honored to see Msr. Louboutin again, I am looking forward to meeting tpfers even more.
  12. ^^^How fun Kamilla!!! You must take pics