CL Very Prive ??

  1. So I was looking online and I wanted a very prive, and they say the heel height on one is 70mm and the other is 80 mm, does it come in different heights? Are those lower bc I look at the pics of some of yours and they look alot higher??? I dont know Im confused:confused1:
  2. Yes, they come in different heights. NM/BG still have some of the VP in the silver/grey in the higher (100 or 110 I think) heel. I noticed Barneys and I think Saks only had the 70.
  3. thanks rons diva!! I have another question....Do the VP's with the shorter heel run small as well?
  4. My guess is yes, but I have never tried on the VP's.
  5. Yes, the 70mm is the same as the runs small too. Hope you enjoy the shoes if you get them!