CL Very Prive- sizing question

  1. I am dying to buy these Leopard Very Prives:
    (Thanks ShoeLover for the pic ;))

    But the ones I've found for sale are what I wear normally.... Do these shoes size up a 1/2 size or full size? If I wear a 9/9.5 (depending on shoe) will I be able to wear a 9.5 comfortably?

  2. Beautiful shoes. What material is it? I sized up 1/2 for my VP patent leather one. It works for me. HTH
  3. Pony hair?
  4. Wait a second... ShoeLover's have a covered heal and Kat's have a black heel.

    Are they different shoes?
  5. Sounds like you should be able to wear a 9.5. If it ends up being only a half size too big you can put in pads to help with the fit. I'm not sure with pony hair though...
  6. I don't know about the leopard, but I have them in leather and I wear my normal size. I probably could wear a size down even because of the open toe. Might depend somewhat on your width of your foot though. I have skinny feet.
  7. It's the same shoe, "Very Prive Orlato," just that diff't stores/buyers ordered it in diff't heel specifications (can also come in diff't type of pony hair print) -- some orderd the pony-hair covered heel, while others did the black heel. Fit/sizing-wise it's the same.
  8. Thanks ladies! You are my CL experts :tup:
  9. ^^^foxy ALWAYS knows the dirt! LOL
  10. I just took the pludge... GOD I hope they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not I can always return.
  11. yeah i had to size a full size up...i'm generally slightly below 9 but had to go to 10 for the v. prives in leather (not patent)...i don't think i have wide feet and have fine into most shoes but it was definitely the width of the front that caused me to have to size up. i think you did the right thing - just buy and try on. that's only way you'll know.
  12. I wear a 9.5, but in these I had to size up to a 41. Hope that helps!
  13. Oh yes... get them! I've wanted these for the longest time, but never had the guts to pay over retail for them.

    The pair I was eyeing came with a black heel... and I think I like these better.

    Anyhow, hope they fit and congrats!
  14. i have the fabric ones and i have to go a full size up. i am not sure about leather/patent leather. i would assume you might have to go up even higher for them.
  15. Got these beauties today :yahoo:. I tried them on and walked around (yes I can walk in them!!) and they are a bit snug, more so on my left foot, which is bigger.... Will they stretch???
    I would HATE to return them, but I would hate it even more if I spent this much $$ on them and couldn't wear them.