CL Very Prive sizes


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Oct 28, 2006

This is my first post to this fine board. I need to tap into your seemingly infinite shoe wisdom. :smile:

I'm looking to buy a rather big present for my girlfriend. She has at least 4 dozen pairs of shoes, including some designer ones. I know she absolutely loves Louboutin's "Very Prive" style - I'm talking about the peep-toe ones with the platform and no sling. My dilemma is, however, which size to choose, as I want this to be a surprise. She's typically a 40.5-41 in closed shoes and boots, but sometimes uses as small as 40 in open ones/sandals. She does have relatively wide feet, but it has only ever been a problem in the toebox area. She has also frequently bought shoes that were a tiny bit tight, in the hope of "breaking them in".

Some designer examples from her collection with which you may be familiar include D&G boots with a 4" or so heel in EU41 and Miu Miu platform wedge sandals (even higher than the D&G boots) in EU40. She uses both of them frequently, so the fit must be good. :P

As far as I can tell - and I've done my research - the Very Prives run true to size. So, do you think size 40.5 would work? Or would 41 be a smarter choice? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Any advice and comments are greatly appreciated!



May 1, 2006
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ahh you are a fabby boyfriend.

With this particular style, 1/2 size wont make much difference to be completely honest! They are quite narrow, so I am thinking if you can find them in a 41 that would be the very best for this particular prive shoe.

Good luck, mine are one of my most favourite shoes :smile:


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Mar 1, 2006
Someone I know have a few pairs of Very Prives and she said it runs true but like Chloe-babe, I find them kinda narrow too so I don't mind going up 1/2 a size.


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Dec 19, 2006
However, if you get them in suede I think the smaller size would be okay.


Mar 21, 2006
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It's tough to compare designer to designer, but I agree with the other suggestions on here that a 1/2 size up in the CLs won't be bad, especially if she has a wide foot. They run narrow, take some time to break in, and she can always use an insert if the 1/2 size up is a little big over time.

Be careful of the suede Prives -- I wouldn't size up for these. I have read many places that the suede stretches much more than leather or patent leather.

By comparison, I wear a 37/7 or 37.5/7.5 in Miu Miu, but each of my pairs of Prives are a 38. My foot is also on the wide side, and I found my Prives to be very narrow when I got them. That said, they did stretch a lot and are now very comfortable.

Good luck -- the Prives are a gorgeous shoe, and you are so sweet for getting them for your GF.


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If you're comparing them to Dolce's, I would stick to the same size. Dolce's run narrow to begin with and are quite analagous to the width of the VP's. My Dolce's and my VP's are all the same size. Particularly if her Dolce's are pointy-toed, I would definitely stick with the Dolce size as good sizing for the VP's. And yes, the VP's run 1/2 size smaller ... but only compared to OTHER LOUBOUTINS.

Miu Miu's generally run wider than Dolce's, so those would not be a good comparison.

Hope that helps.