CL Trunk Show at NM Charlotte-shoes & bags!!!

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  1. I went to the NM CL Trunk Show yesterday and they had so many new CL styles. Some of them are online, but if you see something that sparks your interest, call Carlynn Hundley at NM Charlotte 704-442-7900. She is a fantastic SA!!!

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  2. More pics......:drool:

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  3. The final pics.....

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  4. Lynn - Thanks! If I didn't have to go anyway to return some shoes I woudn't bother. Love the pics. Who is your SA?
  5. So gorgeous! Thanks for taking these and posting them.

    I was contemplating canceling my multi-colored armadillo pre-order today but after seeing how gorgeous they are I don't know if I can!
  6. What's the multi-colored wedge in the first picture?

    (Oh never mind, I see it's the cutout wedge)
  7. Great pics! Thanks for the eye candy!
  8. Thanks, Lynn!
  9. Thanks for the pics!

    I bought these a few weeks ago. I love them!

  10. Thanks Lynn! My heart just skipped a beat for these!!!
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post such HOT pics!!
  12. asha i'm so jealous! i'm desperate for the no black patent though
  13. Yeah I love them. I really wanted the black patent too, but I already have the Iowa Zeppa in black patent so for the money I would rather get a different style. They go really well with my Chanel bubble quilt in "white", which is really a camel color.

    I will post photos sometime this week of things I have bought since I last posted, which seems like forever ago. lol
  14. Thank you!!

    How did this Trunk Show work? Was there a fashion show for the shoes? Did you have fun?
  15. Asha - those shoes will look fantastic with your bubble Chanel. Modeling pics please!!!!:yes:

    Daisy - There wasn't a fashion show. That would have been fun. The entire NM CL fall collection is available for pre-order. They didn't have all of them in stock, just floor samples. It was fun seeing all the bags too. The gold glitter clutch is $2300. I want one of the CL shoe charms that hangs off the bags. Too cute with the red sole.