CL toe box

  1. The toe box is the area I struggle with most with CL shoes. Since I buy mine online it's a bit like a lottery with the sizes. Does anyone know if there's a noticeable difference in the toe box area between half sizes, specifically Very Prives. I already size up a full size and length wise my CLs are fine, but I dont want to go up 1&1/2 sizes (!!) and use heel grips/inserts only to find there wasn't a difference in the toe area. :s
  2. Babypie - I understand your dilemma, I often times have this problem too because the toe box in most CL shoes, especially VPs are very narrow. Sometimes I just think I should abandon my devotion to CL shoes because my feet just aren't meant for his shoes. I certainly don't think that I have wide feet, but my feet aren't narrow and the VP is really intended for a narrow foot. I always size up at least 1/2 a size to one full size and have noticed a slight difference in the toe box, but nothing significant. The problem with sizing up too much is that the length obviously becomes too big and I end wearing heel inserts which brings on it's own set of problems.
    Unfortunately I love CL shoes too much so I have just accepted the fact that I have to deal with this.
  3. Babypie, my approach when ordering online is to order several pairs, at least 2 different sizes so that I can compare the fit at home. The other nice thing about this is that you can try the shoes on at different times of the day to see how each size fits you. As long as the online retailer you are shopping with has a good return policy, you should be ok with this approach.
  4. ^--- Kamilla's right: the VP's vary very little in toebox between similar sizes. In VP's, I can go for .5 size smaller than decolette sizing in length, but then the toebox is just too tight, so my VP's are mostly the same size as my decolettes, which is to say about 1.5 sizes up from American size.
  5. Kamilla - Same here. I dont have overly wide feet, but I dont have narrow feet either and I too sometimes wonder why I had to become obsessed with CLs! If only the toe box wasn't so small I'd be fine :sad:
  6. I have the same problem. Admittedly, my feet tend to be on the wider side with a low arch, so CLs are not the ideal fit for me, but I find them too irresistable to pass up! Several shoes later I have learned my true size length-wise is 36.5 but because of my width almost all of my CLs are 37-37.5. I have also learned that in the open toe, closed heel shoes I have had to make a choice--37 with the toes a little squishy and the heel fitted in the shoe or 37.5 with the toes only slightly less squishy, but look like a little girl playing dress up in her mother's shoes. I have chosen the former and just try to make the effort of breaking them in and having them stretch a bit.
  7. Yes, that's the problem exactly - if going up half a size from the perfect length made a difference in my toe area it would be a no brainer, but even shoes that my heels fall out of often still make my toes squish. Sometimes I think it's a losing battle.
  8. It's not a losing battle Babypie. I don't think CLs are that bad, especially the VPs.