CL Survival Kit ***Size/Comfort Adjustment Advice***

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  1. #1 Mar 24, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 29, 2015
    There's is lots to advice in this thread for helping your shoe fit better if they are loose, tight or otherwise uncomfortable.

    If you don't see what you are looking for here , Check this thread out!

    The Lazy Gal's Way to Stretch that Toe Box

    Pads, liners, grips, strips, blocks that I use with my CLs. Hope you find these helpful! Feel free to add your tips. I know what works for one person doesn't always work for someone else, but I feel if there anything I can do to make wearing my CLs easier, I am all for it.

    Pads given by SAs to be placed in the ball of the foot area of the shoe. My purpose of wearing them is not primarily for adding cushion, but to prevent the foot from slipping forward.


    Grips given by SAs to be placed in the heel of the shoe to prevent the shoe from slipping off. I have put them in my wine Yoyozeppas.


    Foam pads given by SAs that I place in the ball of the foot area in shoes that are a half size up. Pushes my foot up and back for a better fit. I have put this in my blue suede Declics.


    Footpetals brand strappy strips that I put on slings to keep them from slipping of my heel. I use these in my Numero Prives.


    Dr. Scholl's for Her and Band Aid Blister Block

    I use the Dr, Scholl's for Her (forgot the name, bought from Target) on the straps of my Activas to keep my toes from pinching on the sides. I apply the Band Aid Blister Block everytime I wear my CLs. A tip I got from an SA is you can use deodorant as well and both diminish friction between your feet and the shoes.


    An example of what the Dr. Scholls strips look like when applied:


    Airplus pads--I like these because they are thin. I put these in my Rolandos since the toebox is already narrow, these keep my feet from sliding forward without the bulk.


    Dr. Scholl's For Her Heel Liners: I personally prefer these over the ones given by SAs. I use them in my tortoise patent and nude patent VPs. They do get gooey when being worn. They are made of the material someone referred to as "breast implants.":roflmfao:
  2. This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this info. We will have to keep bumping this thread as the issue comes up often.
  3. Great tips Lav!!!! Thanks for taking the time to document your arsenal of inserts to make the CLs fit. This should help newbies make their CLs fit better and be more comfortable. I didn't know about the blister preventer or the deodrant trick!!!:ty:
  4. Thanks Lavender! I found the Dr Scholls FOR HER in the pink container. How do you find the airplus in comparison to the TipToes by Footpetals?

    I also want to add to the list... I use these MOLESKIN
    You can cut them to suit your need. I place them inside the vamp area.
  5. It may just be a matter of preference, but I found the flower shape of the tiptoes to be distracting and did not adhere to my shoe very well. I like the airplus because they are thin and cover a bigger area than the tiptoes.
  6. You're welcome! I was inspired to make this thread because I feel like a broken record for talking about the different pads, liners, etc. I'll just reference this thread when the need arises.

    You're welcome. I forget to use my blister blocks when I wear my CLs with tights or my seemingingly comfortable Lanvin ballerina flats and I have noticed a difference when I don't put it on.
  7. Lav, you are too cute! Thanks for the tips!
  8. ok question- what do you do with the blister blocker? just put it all over your feet? or specific places like your heels? i couldn't find it in my local drugstore...
  9. You're welcome. :P

    I put it on areas that I am prone to get blisters, on my big toe and on my fourth and fifth toes. I got that at Target and I believe there was something called bodyglide that is sold at REI.
  10. Thanks so much for the tips. In the summer time, I live by the Band Aid blister blocker - that stuff is a lifesaver.
  11. I'll chip in mine, too. Here are my favourites:

    Dr. Scholls Memory Foam Insoles (full length):


    for pumps - they make your shoes feel insanely comfortable.

    Profoot ball of foot padding - nice, thick, foamyish ball of foot padding that (for me) always eliminates any potential ball of foot pain.


    And the Dr. Scholls grey heel grips:

    I almost never use gel anything for my shoes because they tend to unstick and curl up and get really annoying. I put these in my shoes BEFORE the first time I've worn them so the shoe and the padding get "molded" to my feet, thus eliminating the necessity to break in shoes most of the time.

    Hope this helps someone! :smile:
  12. Thanks redlittlewing. I'll have to check out the grey Dr. Scholl's liners. I did experience the unsticking that you mentioned, but I happen to like the gel. Unfortunately I do not see any of the stuff you posted in the stores I frequent, perhaps I should look at the mens?
  13. this is awesome! thanks everyone for the suggestions!
  14. I typically find my stuff at Lucky/Albertsons, sometimes Target and Walgreens but Walgreens can be a bit expensive compared to some other stores.

    I know Profoot has a webpage that lists all their distributers,

    Also, you can find them on ebay. When looking for the Memory foam insoles, make sure you get womens and NOT the women's work version.

    typically for shoes that I can't fit memory foam insoles into (eg, pumps with low cut sides, etc), I'll go with the profoot and they're very good too. :smile: They do push your foot up a bit (understandably, being that they're fairly thick) but for most shoes, esp. open toed shoes, they're great. :smile: