CL sub-forum PETS! Pictures of your pets and your CLs!

  1. Inspired by modeling pictures w/ furry friends, let's collectively post pictures of your baby(ies)! No, the other ones--the ones you take to the Vet... ;)

    I don't have any pets, so I'll live vicariously through this thread... :tender:
  2. Good thread idea, xnplo. However, to keep it Louboutin related, I'm going to request that all photos posted be of your pets with your Louboutin shoes, boxes, etc. It must be related to the sub forum, or else this thread would be more appropriate in the Animalicious sub forum.

    Thanks :smile:

    I'll start with posting an already-seen photo of my chubby cat relaxing in a CL shoebox :p This is El Hefe, a 5 1/2 -year-old Maine Coon. I adopted her and her brother, Fat Mike, from a rescue shelter in Orlando five years ago.

  3. I will post Abby's curiosity of my CL shipments. She is a 9 year old Shih-Tsu and very high maintenance. Unfortunately, she looks scruffy in these pics because she needs to go to the groomers.

    The bad thing about her is that she HATES men! It is always a challenge dating new guys. She LOVES women though. My brother calls her "Ellen" as in Degeneres. My BF tries to bribe her with treats, but she will take them and then she'll growls at him. Makes him so mad!!! I have two gay guys next door and she likes them. Hahaha!!!
    IMG_2175.JPG IMG_2176.JPG
  4. What a cute story! She has that "radar!"
  5. I wish I could share a picture. Maybe next year I will get a puppy. I'm looking for a super cuddly dog. Preferably small..I'm not into big dogs.

    BTW- great pics everyone!
  6. They are lots of work, so think about it a lot before getting one. :idea:

    lol Thats sooo funny!
    BTW...happy to see the new VP! ;)
  7. Stinas, thanks. I have been thinking about it ever since I was about 11 though. :amuse:
  8. You will know when to get a pet Priiin.

    The owner of a high end shoe store that sells a lot of Dior, Bettye Mueller, Valentino, Sergio Rossi, etc. and other designer shoes (no CL unfortunately) has two Dashsunds named "Spike" and "Stilletto". He sometimes brings them to the store. They love shoes and shoeboxes!

    A good name for a pup would be Lou - short for Louboutin. Lavender, your sweet pup LuLu's name was forshadowing of your future CL addiction!
  9. So true!

    Maybe she's just protective of you?
  10. Lou is cute! I love it. :amuse:
  11. Ok, here is mine!!:heart: This is Raleigh!
    IMG_0180.JPG IMG_0183.JPG
  12. That would be a great name, Priin! I love it!
  13. Such a cute idea for a thread, now I need to get my Pug with my CLs so I can add one! Thanks for sharing the cute pics everyone!
  14. Raleigh is so cute, cjy! :nuts: Great photos.
  15. I love how Raleigh is such a great Louboutin display shelf! Cute pink collar. :girlsigh: