CL Style Name Significance

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I sometimes wonder about why certain styles are named the way they are. There must be some name significance that relates to the design, yes? Here's what I've come up with:

    Bling-Bling: 'bling' of the jems (that one's a duh! :p)
    Catwoman: looks like a cat's paw; plus, that would be the type of shoe catwoman would wear--jumping around she'll need those straps to keep shoe in place.
    Cha-cha: dance inspired
    Miss Boxe: foot contained in a 'safe package' (like for shipping!... heehee!)
    Sock MJ: the wrapping of the shoe is snug like a sock

    What's your take? :smile:
  2. Pigalle - It's the name of a street in Paris near the moulin rouge and is known for "ladies of the night" to wander :yes:
  3. Piaf: Named after the French chanteuse Edith Piaf.
  4. Clichy also a district/area in paris just like Pigalle
    Decollete means low-cut as in low neckline
    Joli Noeud means pretty bow and indeed it is quite pretty.
    BiNoeud mean double bow.
    Fiorellino fiori is flowers in italian ..
    Alta ariella alta is high and I wonder if ariella is the feminine form of the biblical name ariel.
    Mouche is fly in fr. I am not sure what that has to do with the shoe.
    Salopette means overalls.

    ... this can be quite a fun game.
  5. What a cool thread! I've always wondered where the names come from, but I really have no answer.
  6. "Sing Sing" is the black and white striped wedge. It is named after Sing Sing, a famous jail in Ossining, New York on the Hudson River (the Indian name for Ossining was "Sing Sing"). Sing Sing was known for its electric chair named "Old Sparky."
  7. Very interesting thread. Very Prive & Rolando?
  8. What about Yoyo & Yoyo Zeppa, I wonder? (Yoyo makes me think of the obvious, Zeppa makes me think of Led Zeplin!) :lol:
  9. NMX06TE_mn.jpg
  10. :wtf: Wasn't expecting that! :lol:
  11. Any one know the meaning of Cravtouza?
  12. cravate in french means a Tie .. like the item of clothing Tie. Might be related to cravtouza ... ??

    I guess the shoe looks like its got a tie on.
  13. I thought that shoe style was called Fontanette/Fontanete?
  14. "Bout" means "end" in French--so "Mini Bout" is a cute name for the style with the tiny peep toe opening.
  15. Prive means "private" in French. Could the Very Prive be designed with very "private" activities in mind? :graucho:

    (I don't know about Rolando.)