CL stores in LA & surrounding areas.

  1. I'm gearing up for my monthly visit to LA this weekend, and I will be doing some CL shopping. I don't usually shop a lot in LA as I live in Oregon (no sales tax!) but I am tired of waiting around for CLs in my size (size 5 or less!). Last time I ordered from Saks, I waited forever but ultimately they couldn't deliver. I am so frustrated.
    I figured since there are more CLs in LA, maybe they'd have more in my sizes?
    So I need to scour every store that carries CLs.
    I know the boutique, but what others?
    I can't figure out from the website whether certain Nordies or Saks carry them.
    Please help me! I need to find some pairs before the holidays!!!
  2. Hi LV - I don't live in LA but from what I recall during my last visit, I know that Neimans in BH carried them, as well as Saks. Not sure about Nordstroms, I know that other Nordrstroms carry CLs but not sure about LA.
    Good luck with your trip and be sure to post photos of your purchases!
  3. Thank you Kamilla. I really need a major luck when it comes to finding shoes my size. It has come down to ppl telling me "if you find your size, just get them!" and no one gives me a hard time about the prices! That's how difficult it has been, lol.
  4. Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills
    Saks in Beverly Hills
    Barneys in Bevery Hills
    Nordstroms Topanga in Canoga Park
    Christian Louboutin in Beverly Hills
    Fred Segal Feet on Melrose
  5. If you're in the Orange County area, Neiman's at Fashion Island carries a nice selection Also, Sak's at South Coast Plaza just started to carry them, but the selection is pretty limited.
  6. And if you know exactly what you want, call the Beverly Hills Saks. They can send it to you and you won't have to pay sales tax.
  7. I think the Barney's in BH has the best selection. Since Barney's, Saks and Neimans are all right in a row, I think you'll have good luck there.
  8. really? barneys?
    I will be in LA next week also and was planning to go to the CL boutique only but since you mention barneys I should probably go there as well.
  9. You should go to CL boutique first, then the other 3 major stores. They're all pretty close to each other. You can spend a day to look for your CL.
  10. I didn't get a chance to check out CLs due to my stressful dealing with Saks Chanel. Arrrgh. But I think the tax was too much. I live in Oregon so I am so not used to paying sales tax. I am glad that I waited though, I got two pairs from on sale! No tax, no shipping charge! :yahoo:
  11. I know, we have to pay 8.25% tax!