CL Starter Kit!

  1. Okay so I know that once you purchase one pair of CL its like an addiction! DH has agreed to get me anywhere from 3-5 pairs for christmas give or take depending on how much each pair is! Like if I get all simple pumps LOL I can get at least 5 pair! I know that there are some more fun CL's out there too but what would you get to get your collection started?

    I just want to know what you think are the MUST HAVES in CL!

    I was thinking a top 5 list

    I know that I thinking about these!
    1. Simple~ not sure black probably $530
    2.Decollette ~Black leather $550
    3.La Donna~ Black patent leather $600
    4. Miss Allen J in leopard $710
    5. Yo-yo or prive/very prive~ would love a metallic $560-760

    Tell me what you think and what you would chose! I think getting 5 pair at the same time is a little stressful for me but at the same time fun!!
  2. Oh wow..lucky you!!!

    I am only new to CL but choice would be:

    1 Simple - probably black - a classic that you would have forever
    2 VP - must have one in your collection - nude
    3. Architek or no prive -in black
    4. Decollette - patent or leather
    5. something blingy

    Goodluck and have fun shopping!!
  3. whoa! what a generous guy!

    i would maybe change one of the blacks to a nude. black patent for sure, but maybe do the decollette or simple in nude, which is equally sexy and versatile.

    nude, black, black patent, leopard, metallic...yup! all sound like a great CL starter kit! ENJOY!
  4. okay so would you chose a nude or a chocolate brown? I definately have to get a black and a black patent!

    Yeah he is great! Plus one of my friends works for NM and I will be getting most at a 30% discount! Which helps! but probably not the allen j's or the simples
  5. If you can, get the red Rolandos. Those are hot!
  6. Definitely at least one simple pump, one patent leather something, something in nude patent, the miss allen j for sure, and lastly, a pair of prives!
  7. nice!
    If I had a choice it would be
    1. Pigalle Lova 120
    2. Nude YoYos 110mm
    3. Helmuts 100
    4. Leopard Pony Pigalle 100
    5. Black\Patent Decollete
  8. I would only get NUDE in a patent yoyo or VP
  9. 1. Pigalle
    2. Simple Pump
    3. Decollete Zeppa/Vernice
    4. Helmoon
    5. YoYo or VP (depending on your style)

    You are so damn lucky to be getting up to 5!! I'm so jealous! I'd be lucky to even get one out of my boyfriend as if he knew how much I spent on CL shoes (even though I never pay full price), he'd have a heart attack!
  10. Ladies you have been amazing!Thanks soo much! I am very excited! Ok so where can I get helmoon/helmuts

    *Also I cannot get anything over 100 or I will be taller than DH :whistle:
  11. Congrats on the start of a new addiction! As far as sticking to 100mm and less you can try obviously the simple pumps and the pigalle or yoyo with the sculpted heel. Also the very prive comes in a chunky 70mm. Post pics when you get your haul!
  12. Thanks I will definately post pics!!! man I am excited!

    So i think I have decided to do a

    black leather~decollete or simple
    Miss Allen J~leopard
    La Donna - Black patent! (I love this shoe!!!)
    Something in Nude!

    I also want a navy shoe are there ertain styles that come in Navy?
  13. fun thread! ;)

    for me, my starter kit is (the ones i currently own , purchased in order)

    - Miss Boxe in black patent
    - Very Prive in nude satin and black lace
    - Miss Marple in pale metallic gold (IMO stack wood is a must-have in my wardrobe, it has this slouchy and laid-back boho look =)
    - Yoyo 110mm in nude patent (this color is a basic, it goes with everything and anything!)
    - Very Prive in black patent and bronze tip (VPs are MUST HAVES!)
    - (Coming up) Simple Pumps in yellow patent - you can tell i'm a sucker for patent now! LOL!
    - (Wish List) Gwenissima in black kid

    does anyone have any idea where i can get a pair of Gwenisimas? these are my next must haves on my list! :graucho: hehe
  14. Where did you get yellow patent simples??? pm me or something lol