CL 'sometimes lace-up' sandal

  1. i really like it :heart:!can't wait to see it IRL..any thoughts??
    cl1.jpg cl2.jpg
  2. i quite like the idea, but if not worn / matched properly it can look a little tacky IMO. i would love to see it in other colors!
  3. It looks Prada-y to me. I'm sorry to say, that Mr. Louboutin does not pull off this look very well. :noworry:
  4. meeeh not a fan
  5. I love this shoes!!!! There is a woman wearing it in the current issue in vogue and she looks great!!!!!

    Do you know who carries this shoe?
  6. Saks just put them on their site.
  7. I saw that photo and I think that this shoe looks great but must be worn appropriately. It's not an 'easy' shoe to wear since it needs very specific outfits. can't just throw these on with jeans or a dress.
  8. It is not me. I would not pay this much $$ for it but I may love it on someone else.
  9. hmm
    it gives kind of like a cheap-ish look.
    ^one of those.. pick whichever

  10. :roflmfao:Tell us how you really feel!! (I don't care for it either)
  11. I don't think I could pull it off. I'm sure that if they were on a perfectly styled model the shoes would look great. A regular person like me would look like they were trying too hard.
  12. Thanks just pre-ordered them. All though they did look better in the magazine...Hopefully irl they will look just as good.Thanks again
  13. I think it's more of a runway shoe. High fashion models can pull it off probably. If I saw someone walking around LA with these shoes I would just roll my eyes and think they were trying too hard. :amuse: