CL Som1 Patent Leather Pump - $223 Saks

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  1. Argh! Don't do this to me girl! I'm supposed to be good this week..... <panting>.... :sweatdrop:
  2. really good deal but not sure about the chunky heels and style..what u think ladies?/
  3. :wtf:what a steal!!too bad they dont have it in my size:crybaby:
  4. IMO this style shines only in the 120mm/5-inch version (as seen on Nicky Hilton, etc.). The 4-inch version (the heel on those actually measure less than 4-in/100mm for the smaller sizes) pales in comparison as the lower heel height makes it look chunkier than it should....whereas the 120mm version has quite a statuesque presence and doesn't come off as chunky at all.
  5. Not in my size thank goodness because I don't think my AMEX can take anymore CLs this month. It is already in CL shock - I have been out of control.

    Great shoe - great price. Get it girls.....let the sales shopping begin.
  6. The chunky heel helped me not reach for the CC, honestly. They are so funky though, the kind of shoe you throw on with jeans and a cute top without looking too OTT, you know?

    Stinas will model them when she gets them and then I'll be sorry I talked myself out of them :push::lol:
  7. Stinas, what size did you order? half a size up or one size up?
  8. Stinas - Thanks for posting this thread!! :yahoo: I had bypassed these when they were only slightly marked down at NM because they were chunky, but half off is not bad. I was just complaining this week that I needed another pair of basic black work shoes and these may just be it. Thanks!
  9. I ordered a pair in a size 9. I'm a true size 9, so I may be returning these because I didn't know I needed to order a size up and there wasn't a 9.5 anyway.

    Does anyone have the picture of Nicky Hilton in the shoes that I can see? I'm curious to see who they look on.
  10. Jjensen -- I bought the shoes that Stinas posted a 1/2 size up from my true size. I tried these on before in a 1/2 size up and they fit.
  11. The 100mm/4-inch version of Som1 that is selling runs small by 1/2 a size (or possibly a full size for the larger sizes). It's cut exactly like the Clichy 100 and as such sizing is like the Clichy 100 (which runs small).
  12. Once I saw them online i was in a rush to get my size, which in normal CL's is a 39, so thats what I got. I was trying to do a search on tpf but could not find the search link(still cant) so I just risked it with a 39. I have a feeling it will be too small, but oh well.
    Ill def post pics. I enjoy modeling shoes lol
  13. I'm a regular 8, I was worried that 8.5 would be tight. When I was reading about the size, they were all gone like in 5 minutes. Maybe they weren't meant to be mine:sad:
  14. Do you think these shoes are more on the trendy side or straddle both trendy and classic. I know the heel is quite chunky, but I cannot really walk in pin-thin heels, so axe that idea. And I know the heel is a different color, but it's kind of unique. With all that said, I think the shoes are stunning, but wonder if I can justify the purchase for a trend.