CL Slingbacks

  1. Hi, I just got these from Net-a-Porter's mid season sale (20% off) - CL Glamissima slingbacks in bronze gold. I love the shape of the heels (4 inches). What do you gals think of the colour?
    NAP Box.jpg CL Glamissima Slingbacks.jpg CL Glamaissima Slingbacks (side).jpg CL Glamissima (heel).jpg
  2. Classy. gorgeous color. Congratulations, they are divine.
  3. Lovely!!! Perfect for spring and summer!!!
  4. Great color & I love the style.
  5. Love them! Congrats!
  6. love the color!!
  7. Nice!
  8. Totally gorge, congrats.
  9. yep, I think they are gorgeous too :biggrin:

    how do they look on? :smile:
  10. Those are gorgeous. That gold looks good and I love the sape of them.
  11. Lovee them!!
  12. Gorgeous!! You'll look great wearing them! :smile:
  13. very nice!
  14. Very nice- love the color
  15. I like the color, very pretty shoes!