CL Sizing issue

  1. hey everyone...

    So I just found a fabulous pair of simple pumps :love: on the web but I'm wondering exactly what size I may be... I currently have the leather (calf?) very prives in a 39 and they are almost perfect (a fraction too big)... should i go with a 39 or 38.5 in the simple pumps??? :confused1: I normally wear a size 8 in every other shoe...

    Thanks Ladies!!!:p
  2. I have the same issue. I am a size 8 (sometimes a 7.5) and my python simple pumps are a 39. The 38.5 were tight at the toe, but now the 39 are a tad loose (just after the first wear). Now I am about to order another pair of simple pumps and I don't know which to order either! I hate sizing issues!
  3. I have the black simple reg. leather 100mm, and for me, they are true to size. They even stretch a little.
  4. loubs do stretch after a few wears, so be sure to be prepared to go to the cobbler's or paste heel grips on. :yes: they work really well for me, i've got 2 pairs that i bought a half size larger b/c the actual sizes were pretty tight but the half size up ones were a little loose. the norm is to choose a pair that is looser rather than a pair that is tight on your feet. i went to have them fixed and voila, they're fab to wear now! ;)
  5. They run TTS. Mine stretched a bit
  6. In general, all of my CLs have stretched a bit - even the patent ones, but I do a lot of walking. I don't think I'd size down because of it
  7. Maybe I am secretly masochistic, but I tend to buy the shoes that are on the snug side. I find if I buy the slightly larger CL size and add an insert it is more painful than buying the snug shoe, breaking them in and having them stretch on their own.:shrugs:
  8. That might be a good point lavenderice... I usually do that too! But most of the shoes I do that with are significantly cheaper than CLs (60-120$) so if for some reason they don't work out, I don't feel too bad about getting rid of them... but I think I would cry if I had to "toss" a pair of Louboutins!

    Anyways thank you ladies for all your advice! Helpfully the shoes will fit! :p
  9. I think the simple pumps fit as "close to size" as any CL shoes I've tried, but I went up half a size, and they fit perfectly.

    I think going up half a size is a safe bet, because you can always put one of those inserts in, which makes the shoes more comfy anyway--IMO.

    Mine are patent leather--I find patent doesn't stretch like regular leather.